Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Something Old and Something New

 I had to take a photo because people don't even believe that you can still get Netflix DVDs sent to your home.  Dad's are awesome because they are just addressed to Dick.

We participated in the annual climb into the crawl space to store the Christmas decorations.  Ike was feeling pretty proud that he got to go in this year.  The secret that we all know is that you are only really grown up when you realize that you never want to go in there again.
 And then with a lot of hugs and some really teary eyes we were headed back out.
 We made it home on New Year's Eve just in time to eat 12 grapes and welcome the new year Spanish style.  You are supposed to eat one for each month of the upcoming year, and you need to do it along with each of the strikes of the clock.  It is no easy feat, and we even had seedless grapes.
 Does it count if you get them all in your mouth or do they have to be swallowed?  If it is the latter then we are in for a pretty unlucky year.  Also, does it actually have to be midnight?  This was actually about 8:25.  We will close our eyes and take our chances with 2017.

Down for the Count

 Rogue 1.  I bawled from the first scene to the last and I LOVED it.
 After Christmas it was every man for himself and one by one almost everyone got sick.  That meant that instead of sledding and playing games like we had planned we mostly did a lot of lying around, or in my case, following Ike around with a barf bowl.

 He would puke and then stand up and do a little happy dance and then run around until he puked again.  The best part of those couple of days was when I got to leave and go with my mom to the church to help with the weekly dinner for the homeless.  I didn't take any photos but it was really fun, especially because I got to see how much everyone loves Elder and Sister Howard.
I don't know why this makes me so happy.
 And then it was another party!  ABC Mandarin and Rigbys, what could be better?  We had such a good time and even though Brandon wasn't feeling well he still got some pretty good laughs in with his brothers.

Mike's first selfie.

Boxing Day

Ike was bugged that the rest of us were all hanging out in the front room while he was stuck eating in the kitchen so he went ahead and pushed his tray down the hall so he could be a part of things.
 I really loved his long hair but he woke up with a runny nose and I just couldn't handle the hair being stuck in his boogers.  It was the final straw.
 He sat really still and now he looks like Dennis the Menace.
 This year the Howard Homemade party was a huge success.

 We have only been home for a few days and I already miss everybody.  I love everything about living in Eugene except that we are far from family.

Christmas Dreams Come True

 We had the loveliest Christmas.  I know that I am a dork but I wish that it was always on a Sunday.  I had so much fun going to church and still having so much fun to come home to.  When you spend the morning in worship you don't have to remind yourself what the holiday is really about.
 We woke on Christmas morning to several inches of snow.  Everybody got exactly what they wanted.

 Jill and I played as much if not more with the Calico Critters and their adorable living room and kitchen sets.  I can't believe how detailed they are.

 That evening we all got to meet up at the Rigby's and talk to Hayden over Skype.  I thought this photo was the best because it has all three of his biggest fans.  Hint:  Brandon didn't make the cut.
 Rosy was out doing her best to shovel.  It was surprising how much she could actually do out there, bare legs and all.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Quality Time

 We have been having a lot of fun just hanging out.  My kids keep counting down days until Christmas and I keep telling them to look around and how much fun they are having right now.
Just Another Day at the Office

 It isn't a Rigby party if we aren't watching something on YouTube and Brandon isn't doing the laugh he only uses with his brothers.
 The Nativity Play gets a little bit bigger and a little more crazy every year. Daisy was the smiliest Wise Man you have ever seen. And Ike was the runaway Joseph.

 Rosy is still terrified of Santa.  She is polite but she just kindly declines the invitation to sit on his lap.  All she wanted for Christmas this year is a tiny tree with ornaments and her Oma already took her to get one so she could tell St. Nick to stuff it because she already got what she wanted.
 Rocky asked for the Sea Otter Calico Critter family.
 Ike sat down and seemed to have the same slight distrust he has for all the regular people who pick him up.  He didn't seem at all alarmed and only a little bit interested.

 Ike loved the pinata so much that he was the only kid that got two tries.  He hit it and giggled so hard and then cried until we let him have one more shot at it.
 Daisy wanted a stuffed octopus "because I am starting to get into octopus right now."

Dad's mustache countdown.
 Sister friends at The Pie having such a great time.  This is the face I make when I am trying to suck in after eating way too much pizza.

 The key got locked in the room with all the Christmas candy at Mike and Kathy's.  I immediately blamed Ike but this time he wasn't to blame.  He watched everybody try and break in and then decided that he would help out.
 Christmas Village is my favorite because I can peek in all the windows without having to pretend that I am not.  In this place there is no need to be discreet.

Baby Race - It is always a competition