Thursday, January 18, 2018


Home Again!  Eugene, Sweet Eugene
 January is something I generally dread, but this year I have decided to make a bigger effort to live in the present.  I know that my days in this adorable house are numbered and I am determined to enjoy them instead of wishing them away.  So far it has been a couple of weeks of lovely, mild weather, fun with Brandon and the kids and a lot of time with friends out on the trails.

The first job once the kids went back to school was to restock our kitchen.  I remember seeing people in the store who had carts like this, and now it is me.  I am that lady.
 What can I say?  I love to cook and I have 4 kids that eat like ravenous wolves.  The guy behind me wasn't thrilled but I was still super happy.  WinCo is actually a place I dearly love.  It is magic.  The possibilities of food combinations are endless.  The colors, the smells, the choices and the free sugar cookies make it delightful.  I love bagging my own groceries and I smile every time I see the sign Employee Owned.  I will freely admit that I am a weirdo, but I heart WinCo.

Little Buds
 For our Young Women activity we were all supposed to make a vision board to help us with the goals for our year.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the process.  Some things that I have in mind for my year are on there.  I want to get into good running shape, focus on the present and find peace in daily life, make time for my kids and be patient with them.  Do my duties without complaining, spend time in prayer and thought, write, and take my enthusiasm for food to cook at a higher level.  I want to be open to the new adventures that are coming my way with a positive attitude and let go of the fear I have of change.  I hope to embrace the future while at the same time being grateful for the beauty of the past.
Just like everyone else, my resolutions represent the best of my intentions, and I am sure I am going to need a lot of help.  But at least let it be said that I started out 2018 with a full and excited heart.
We had the second Spanish dinner party and it was just as fun and delicious as the first one. 

Breakfast, most important meal of the day
The bath bombs that these kids got for Christmas were the best.  They LOVED watching their toys emerge.
For the first time in the almost 10 years we have lived here I hosted book club.  I know that it might not seem like a big deal, but for me it was such fun.  I still kind of feel like we are playing house in this place.  The kids helped me set out the snacks.  We read The House on Mango Street, which is one of my favorites.  I have loved meeting together once a month with such incredible ladies.  I always leave feeling smarter and exhausted from the laughter.

How can she be this cute?

This is what happens when a mom tries to take a shower.
All these years have passed and I have never before been to the swing on Mt. Pisgah.  Worth it.

The kids begged to go back to Buffalo Wild Wings and use our gift card.  They love it because they get to play video games. 

I usually just end up feeling lonely, but this time there was some figure skating on one of the big screens and I made it out okay...oh, and there were mozzarella sticks. 

Wink Wink

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Another One for the Books

Utah was lovely.  The weather was sunny and gorgeous with just the perfect amount of snow to be fun without being a pain.  We had quality time with our families.  We did projects and watched movies and ate so many treats.  We tried Virtual Reality for the first time and were amazed.  Rocky got so caught up in the game that she even took a spill and smashed her eye.  We built a snowman named Charles in Charge and then after he was given some birdseed hair changed his name to Vlad.  We made snow angels and spent way to much time on screens.  Jill helped us make a pinata and the cousins helped us break it.  We snuggled my new little nephew, Ezra. We shopped for Christmas presents and wrapped them, and opened amazing gifts from others. We watched the birds, and read the stories, and played the music.  We cheered at the Weber game and realized that Rosy still doesn't like Waldo.  We rang in the new year by setting off crackers and blowing horns.  It was a lovely season and it fills my heart with joy that I got to go home for the holidays.