Thursday, August 9, 2018


 Rosy has been having a lot of issues lately that has contributed to some drama.  Like for example, someone took a sip from her drink the other day and it was a full blown meltdown for 30 minutes.  Sometimes as a mom it is hard to handle all of the problems that come up and I feel like I just can't do it.  Then I see a photo of this little girl in a tube with goggles and all is forgotten.  Who couldn't just adore that little girl?
Ike and Omaha the Bear
 I have been sort of freaking out about leaving Eugene and also the chaos of the future so my mom bought me one of those swanky Minky Couture blankets that are big in Utah.  It lives up to the hype.  I am almost 37 and I have a new security blanket and I am not one bit ashamed.
 This year I asked Ike if he wanted to join us for the Ladies Lunch but he said he would rather watch video of drag racing with Opa.
 The rest of us had a great time at The Oaks.  We opted to just order appetizers so we could try some new things.  They were delicious and greasy and mostly dipped in fry sauce.

 I took a run down memory lane and went all around Weber State.  While I was on campus I had all kinds of warm feelings and happy thoughts about my time there.  It made me feel so good because even though I don't spend time much on the campus anymore, it is still a big part of my life.

A New Do

 Opa's swimming pool never gets dull.

Water Aerobics = the bomb!

Auntie Judy's tea party was a highlight of the summer.

 Surf n' Swim!

Snug Bugs

 Checking out Jared's band, Aggregate.  I loved it.  They played at the Friday Art Walk.  It was a gorgeous night with a great soundtrack.

He wants to play but it is just too much effort.

Animal Videos are more fun together.
 This year's rave was a hit.  We all especially loved it when Oma and Opa joined in the dance party.

The walk home from church is the best part of the day.

Don't Eat Pete!

Two bawl babies missing Brandon.

Casey and Sue have built a garden paradise.

 I love hanging out with Grandma Howard.  She is charming and I wish I got to see her more often.


Lime Rickey Run!

Pineview - The Laguna Beach of Utah

 Two of the best parts of being with grandparents are the endless supply of nachos and fresh fruit and veggies from the gardens.
 We went out to Pineview Dam for Cambria's birthday.  I haven't been out there for quite a while and it was lovely. The kids had a great time.  I did too because I got some one on one time with Cara which is like gold.

Howard Time

We went out to Springville to hang out with Matt and Kristin.  They are great hosts.  They cooked delicious food and we had so much fun hanging out.  I love seeing my kids be loved by family members.
Springville is an incredible city. The library, the art museum, the rec center, and of course, the Howards. 

 We crashed the library Harry Potter party and it was super well done.

 The kids played and Matt made fish tacos (tofu for the vegetarian).  We sat in their yard and watched their garden grow.  The kids hardly slept but it was worth it for the time spent together.  I don't want to take all the credit but I basically built this family by setting them up and I am so happy when I see what a happy home they have created.

Everyone was excited to be at church on Sunday morning. 

Back and Forth

 I never thought I would grow fond of the drive between Utah and Oregon but it has happened. I will miss the giant slide in Hines and the gorgeous stretch on the McKenzie Highway.  Brandon and I have lived in Eugene for 10 years and made the trip 2 or 3 times each year.  I guess you could say that we have really bonded with the route. Each time it feels so good when we finally pull into home, one on each side.
We are planning on driving across the rest of the country to check it out but I doubt that there will be another stretch that will compare.
Lunch Break
 When we got to my parents' house I found this gem on the fridge.  My dad circled Brandon, just in case he forgot which one was a family member.

Daisy all dressed up and tuckered out.
 The first few days were a baptism by fire at the Martarano Family Reunion.  I didn't do a great job reaching out to meet distant family members because we were all just too excited to see cousins and aunts and uncles.

 Daisy's tooth fell right out into her spaghetti.  It had been hanging from a thread for several days so we were all happy to see it go.
Indee and Ezra

Baby Cosette
 The day was hot but the snow cones made all the difference.

Modeling my two new bracelets
The Martarano family is huge.  They are are group of lovely, generous, and kind people.