Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hobbit Beach

 Since Jill was in  town we thought it was time to explore Hobbit Beach and it lived up to all its hype.  You can only get to it at the end of a short, lovely hike.   It is great because it is nestled between two big cliffs that block the wind.  We naively wore swimsuits thinking that the heat of Eugene would transfer.   Thank goodness I also  packed jackets for everyone.   It was warm  enough that it was fun and cold enough to give us a refreshing break.  There is something especially delightful about comfortably wearing a sweater on the last day of July.

It was Ike's first trip to the ocean and he was obviously impressed.

 It was  also  the first time in a couple of years that we actually remembered to bring our sand toys. 

There is nothing like a lovely day on  the Oregon coast.

And on the way home Rosy barfed.  She said she was sorry.
Bonus Story:
As a parent there are so many teaching moments.   Yesterday at dinner Rocky said, "Abbey said that she saw a guy with the flag of slavery on his car so she gave him a finger.  What does that mean?"
Thanks Abbey.

There is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch

 We have spent our summer eating free breakfast and lunch at South Eugene High School.  Every morning and  every afternoon at  noon I bundled Ike up in the Moby wrap and we  walked a block over for the meal.  The girls made friends with Anne who hooked them up with extra tater tots and Popsicles.  They loved going there because they could choose their lunches and always carried a couple of  extra pieces of fruit home.  It is hard to describe how fun it has been.  Lots of times other friends would walk over with us and we would all sit in the cafeteria like we were students.  Some people  turn their  noses up at  school lunch food but I ate school  lunch from first grade to  senior year and I have warm  and happy memories of  sitting at round tables eating hot lunch with my friends.  It has been especially helpful this  year because instead of spending my afternoons making food and cleaning  the kitchen I have had a little bit of  time to just hang out with the girls.   We are heading to Utah tomorrow  so Friday was our last day and it was sad to say goodbye.  Hopefully what we really meant was, see ya next summer.

The weather again sent us into a heat wave.  The other day it hit  106  which is hot anywhere but is absolutely ridiculous in Eugene.  Luckily we learned some tricks during  the last hot spell so our apartment stayed cool-ish.   We thought we would head to Amazon Pool to beat the heat and found that everyone else had the same idea and the pool  was filled to capacity.  That means 1034 people were crammed in there.  There was only a little line and if we had waited we probably could have  gotten in but the thought of all those people sent  my blood pressure soaring so instead  we  opted to get out the kiddie pools at home.   Jill saved the day by bringing magic water balloons.  You just hook them to the hose and in a few seconds you've got 25 water balloons ready to go. 

 It was an intense battle but in the end everyone was soaked and  happy.

 Now that I see the photo we probably didn't have much more room than the folks at the pool.  I was still happy with the choice because every time a kid splashed my face it was at least a kid I know.

Afterward we  set up the restaurant again so that Rocky could work on her skills as a waitress.  Yumm bowls are apparently now available at Chef Coozine.
 I have been so focused on  people moving out that I forgot that new people would be moving in.   The girls came running in the other day yelling that there was a PINK CAR!!!  Not only is it pink but it is also a Porsche.   It is hard to tell but it has a matte finish on it, and two stuffed  tiger toys on the dashboard.   Wow.  We still haven't  gotten  a glimpse of  the driver but have no doubt that he or she is pretty fun.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

That Time of Year

 The evil eye of graduation has hit our  village again.   This year Spencer View is losing Sara,  Yan and Abbey.  I am sure we will continue to be friends for years to come but things just aren't going to be the same around here.    We have had great times sitting out on blankets while the kids play and on our occasional  girls nights when we have  escaped the world of mommy-ing and felt like we were actual adults...and sometimes felt more like silly teenagers.  I have learned so much  and laughed so hard and cried a few times too with these women and will always feel so lucky that we shared this  pocket of space together. 

Safety Town

 Daisy spent two weeks at Safety Town.  The Eugene Police put on the two week camp and she learned all kinds of safety rules.  On the last day they performed songs at the graduation ceremony.

 Safety camp  couldn't have come at a better time for our family.  All the kids have been adjusting  to the new  baby but it has been the hardest on Daisy.  The other day Brandon went to take the kids to the library to give me a break and a  minute  after  they left Daisy came back in.  She had a big smile and told me that she was going to stay home with me.  A couple seconds later Rosy came in and Daisy burst into tears.  She just wanted  to be home without her sisters.   In the end Rocky won because she ended up getting to go to the library and having her dad to herself.  The big  I tried to comfort Daisy for a second while Rosy was outside which gave  her enough time to run away.  Then I  spent the next 10 minutes looking for her only to find her in the stairway directly above our apartment.  By that time Brandon was home and my patience was gone...again.
The camp  was perfect because it gave the middle child a chance to be away from the rest of us.
Being a mom is interesting.  It isn't easy trying to balance the joy that comes from always being wanted and the exhaustion that comes from always being wanted.

We are starting to emerge back into regular  life.  Our ward had a Pioneer Day picnic and it was delightful.  The kids all played  old games.  They did a three-legged race, played  tug-of-war, jumped around in gunny sacks, and a bunch of other stuff that adults never let kids do anymore because they could be dangerous.  Of course there were some minor bumps and bruises as a result but it felt like childhood should feel. I finally remembered I had a camera at the end of the party when the kids were playing at the playground.

 I  love this picture of the boys.
 After church today I was sitting on the bed feeding the babe and watching  Rosy.  She knew I was in the  room but I am positive she didn't know I was watching her.  She spent 20 minutes diligently working on her new hairstyle.

Clearly it was worth the time.

More Ike

Artists in Action

 Rocky gave me an  invitation to her Spring Fashion Fling.
 She handed it to me and then she said, "Oh, and can you  bring Brunch?"  I was impressed and disappointed at the same time  when I saw the "you're dolls."  I had no idea that she knew how to use an apostrophe, but did she have to use it to commit the worst atrocity in the English language?
I don't  know what happened but all of a sudden the girls are really into fashion.  Some people left a couple of fashion magazines on the benches outside  when they moved out and Rocky and Daisy cut out a bunch of pages and  hung them all over their room.  They think they are teenagers.

Daisy drew this moose.  I don't have anything to say about it except that it makes me very happy.
 When I was cleaning up some things in my room  I found the card  that Rocky made for Father's Day.  She gave it  to me to hide so that she  could surprise her dad with  it,  and then when Ike was born  we both forgot about it. 
In case you can't tell  Chewbacca is saving the world from very smiley dinosaurs.

Hopefully these works made you're day a little better. 

Good and Crazy

 People keep asking me how things are going with four kids.   This photo is  the answer.
Everyone is alive and healthy but maybe sometimes not everyone is wearing pants.

After 7 years of living in Eugene  we finally went to one of the Oregon  Track Club All Comers Meets.  The kids get a chance to participate in track and field events at Hayward Field.  One week world class runners take the track and the next week a bunch of enthusiastic kids.  Both meets are extremely competitive.

Daisy got to run in a heat with Kinsley which is cool because they are  close friends.  This also means that Kinsley gets to look even faster than she is.   It is  kind of like when I run with...I mean behind  her mom  Katie.
 And just  like  me Daisy happily takes things at her own pace.
 Rocky was in the big kid division where things get serious.  They even start with the  gun like the adults.  She got off  to a bad beginning after  plugging her ears because she was afraid it  would  be too loud.  Then one of  the other girls crossed  into her lane in front and  slowed her down.
 Eventually she jumped into the open lane and ended up finishing 3rd.   She was  pretty proud of her  ribbon.
 Rosy even  ran the 60 meter race  assisted by Brandon.  I unfortunately didn't  get  a picture because I was trying to sort out confusion with Rocky at the long jump pit.  You may rest  assured that it was adorable.   These meets are just another reason that Eugene is awesome.

 Ike has continued to grow.   He has never ending attention from his sisters.  I left him in  the front  room while  I was trying to get Rosy to take a nap and the big girls had made a bed for him complete with a pillow pet,  Boppy, and a  tissue  paper headrest.  They were  in the process of building Tinker Toy scaffolding over  him but  I had to put the kibosh on that.   They also took  another  60 photos but  none of them  were good,  except maybe this one. 
Take that Suckers!
 He is growing but still looks as lurpy as can be.   My spell checker is trying to tell me that 'lurpy' isn't a word but I looked it up and found it on Urban Dictionary...along with a lot of other interesting  words.  None of my neighbors here think it is a real word either, except the ones from Utah.  According to my online research it means a more awkward form of lanky.  Yep, that is my baby.

He is lurpy and awesome.