Saturday, September 29, 2012

Feeling Sentimental

 After spending the day together with my three little wild animals I was more than happy to leave them with their dad and go to the Relief Society meeting.  But when I got home and saw them all snuggled up on the couch I started to think that I don't have enough space in my soul to hold all the happiness that my little family brings to my life.
 Seriously...aren't they all just adorable?
When Brandon was putting the girls into bed I heard Rocky ask, "Dad, what is the best part about being a grown up?" 
He answered, "Teaching my kids how to be good people."
She said in a gloomy voice, "Oh, that doesn't really sound very fun."

At first I laughed because it really doesn't sound very fun at all.  It makes me think about the elote (corn on the cob) that we ate in Mexico.  You'll never know how good it is until you experience it for yourself.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One Week Later

One week ago our little Rosy was born and it is hard to believe how much she has already grown.  She is such a sweet baby and, even though I've got a biased opinion, I think she is just the cutest ever.

This is the early start to her sassy modeling career.  It is also a good example of Rocky's favorite pastime which is sticking her finger in Rosy's mouth. 
When Rocky isn't there to do the job she can sometimes find her own thumb. 

Besides enjoying our newest addition the rest of us are just plugging along with normal life.
 After a hard day of preschool Rocky likes to kick back and relax for a few minutes.  It is hard work playing, singing and interacting with friends.  To be honest I'm not sure what they do because every day she tells me the same thing and it is that she plays with Playdough that smells good.
They have also been wearing themselves out by playing Don't Eat Pete with Abia.
 Bonus Picture:  I know there are a thousand of these, but I seriously can't resist these two cuties in the tub.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Proud Mom

Things are going well with our new little one, well enough that we braved the big bad world this morning so that we could watch Rocky in her first Primary program.
She had practiced her part over and over again and we picked out her cutest dress and she was ready to go.
I should have known that there would be trouble when I looked up on the stand and saw that she had taken off the jacket that went with her dress and was sporting a huge Princess Aurora temporary tattoo on her arm.  Let´s just say that things went downhill from there.

Daisy had to show her tattoos too

We started out pretty good and in my emotional state of postpartum I was getting all teary-eyed at the charming little curly haired girl that my first baby has turned into.  Just having her be big enough to be up there kind of blows my mind.
Then the emotions started to change into something else.  There is always at least one naughty kid in the Sunbeam class that kind of keeps everyone entertained and I´m afraid to say that this year it was mine.  She did a pretty good job singing and added a little bit of dancing for good measure.  There was a lot of jumping, wiggling, and bugging the kids next to her.  When it came time to say her part, which was, "By forgiving others," I knew she was going to knock it out of the park because we had practiced it at least a hundred times.  True to form she choked and her teacher had to whisper it in her ear.  In her defense, when she said it, it was really adorable.
I was still okay at that point until I saw her sucking her thumb while picking her nose and it was clear that I wasn't the only one in the congregation to notice.  When her teacher tried some damage control by giving her a gummy bear she bit it in half and stuck it to her forehead.

I'm serious. 
She was up there with a huge proud smile and half of a red candy pasted above her eyebrows. 
By this point things started to seem ridiculous and I started to giggle with the people in the row in front of us.  Brandon wasn't amused he turned and said, "I'm glad someone thinks this is funny."
Needless to say I was relieved when the closing song finally came and I took Rosy and we made a beeline for the door.  I needed to get out of there fast because I don't want to miss my "Get out of Church Free" card.  It is only valid for a couple of weeks after having a baby and I need to take advantage of it before it is too late.

As for our little Rosy, she already seems like she is getting the hang of being alive.  She is super cute and calm and just loves to snuggle.

I've been taking it easy and I feel really good, probably because I have some awesome friends and Kathy and Brandon who have all been taking such good care of everything.
Rocky and Daisy are enamored with their new little sister and they just want to hold her and watch her squirm all day.  They are having tons of fun with their Abia and are soaking up as much love as they can while she is here.

For anyone giving me the stink-eye right now that bottle is full of breast milk and for the rest of you that are seriously grossed out right now just pretend I didn't say anything.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Rosy Rigby made her appearance at 10:31 A.M. on September 19th weighing in at 7 lbs. 15 oz. and measuring just over 19 inches.  She was delivered by Dr. Cooper at Riverbend and came after about one hour of full labor.
After Daisy came so quickly this time instead of being surprised I just went ahead and planned for a natural delivery.  I am proud to say that I didn't scream, but I did cry...kind of a lot.  It was worth it all once we saw the double chin on this baby girl.
 Needless to say she has already charmed the entire family.  She is sweet as can be and we are thrilled to get to watch her continue to grow.

 I am excited for her to get to know all the amazing friends and family that mean so much to the rest of us.  She is only a day old and already has an entire network of people who are cheering for her.
 Bonus Picture:  Rosy squared
Sharing a name with her abuelita

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I must be nesting because my assistant baker and I made bread this morning while Rocky was at school.  I guess it is the fall weather that brought it on but I just had to make the house smell like baking.  What could be more domestic?  I hope this baby comes soon before I do something drastic, like canning.

In other family news, yesterday Brandon and I celebrated our anniversary.  It has been 7 great years and we are looking forward to many, many more.  After we were married we didn't really have a honeymoon but we did go to Salt Lake. We planned on eating at P.F. Chang's but never really got around to it.  After all this time we finally made it there.  We took the girls with us and just got appetizers so we could try some new things.  It was one of those things that just turned out to be so fun.  I don't know if it is a spike of prenatal hormones or what but I feel like I am so lucky to have such a beautiful family.

Bonus:  At the Ducks game on Saturday I showed my gigantic belly school spirit.

Friday, September 14, 2012


 I keep reading about how important it is for kids to understand that the foods they eat come from nature so in a hippie quest for one-ness with the earth we went out to Detering's Farm for the U-Pick peaches.  Never mind that we didn't do anything to actually grow the fruit, we at least got our buns out there to pick them ourselves.
Rocky filled up her whole bucket and then dumped them all into Daisy's so that she wouldn't have to carry them herself.  Daisy took it like a champ and hauled those buckets all over the place. 
 We went with some friends which made it even more fun.

 Rocky wasn't in the picture because she was having the previously posted about melt-down.
The day was beautiful and now we are enjoying our peaches.

First Day

 Rocky had her first day of preschool and I was going to get the cutest picture of her standing in front of our door ready to go, but we were late.  I didn't anticipate how hard it was going to be to get her out of bed.  When she finally woke up she was super excited but by that time we had to just catch her while she was riding in the van. 
Daisy was really excited too until she realized that she wasn't going to stay.
I made it up to her and let her eat a popsicle when we got home even though it was like 9:00.  I ate one too.  I think we both deserved it.  
So far the two days of school have been smooth sailing.  Rocky loves it there and the only concern that she has had is that she is worried that I'll try to stay with her instead of leaving. 
Yesterday in the evening she sort of had a meltdown and had a huge tantrum.  Whenever there is a big blowout like that she will explode and then almost immediately calm down and be super sweet.  Once we got to the sweet stage she came over and said to me, "Don't worry mom, I would never act like that at school."
Part of me was relieved because I would be horrified for her teacher to have to deal with something like that, but the other part is bummed that she saves up her bad behavior for me.  I guess it works out though because I usually am the one that gets her best moments too.

Bonus:  This is the statue outside of the library that we always call Eugene.  Daisy sometimes refers to him as Opa.

Weird Science

 My friend Michelle is a science teacher and just because she is awesome she invited the kids to the park for some experiments.  They all had such a blast exploding Diet Coke and learning about density by making eggs float.
 It is times like these when I feel like we are super lucky to live her in student housing with such great friends. 
 Bonus Picture:  FHE with the branch.  I couldn't resist taking this photo of a few of my favorite members of our branch family.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


 My friend Michelle threw a shower for me and it was a total blast.  The food, obviously was beautiful and it was also delicious.  Lindsey made Callie's famous fruit dip and Karen brought the grapes.
I took a bunch of photos of people when nobody was paying attention and none of them turned out very nice.  I wish that I had gotten everyone because the girls that were there are such great friends.
I laughed so hard that I thought I would go into labor.
 I always tell everyone that I talk to about how much I absolutely love Eugene and the friends that I've got here are a huge part of the reason why.
This picture turned out really cute, probably because I didn't take it.

Coos Bay

Daisy modeling her best Chris Farley face
 We headed out to Coos Bay for a camp out.  We usually take a couple of these little adventures but this summer being what it has been left us just one night to enjoy the Oregon coast.  When we left our house I toyed with the idea of taking along our raincoats but Brandon and I just laughed at the idea because it was so hot and sunny.
You'd think after 4 years we would know better.
The good news is that the ocean is just as beautiful, maybe even more so when it is overcast.
 At the campground we met up with Laurie and her family who have recently moved out there.  The park was really fun and had a great fort.
 They played a pretty rousing game of Duck, Duck, Beaver, which is a local take on the traditional game.  They also did the old trick of switching in a "Dork" here and there which makes me relieved that kids of all generations have a lot in common.
 It has been an adjustment coming back this summer and having to deal with the fact that a bunch of my friends have moved.  It is a good thing that they aren't that far and we can meet up.
 As it got colder in the evening we all started getting the cat crazies.

By the time it was dark we snuggled up in our little tent and Brandon told the girls the story of Luke Skywalker.  After the Estrella de Muerte (Death Star) had exploded Rocky said, " this Star Wars?"
I thought that after the girls went to sleep that I would get up again because it was only like 8 o'clock but I was so tired that I barely made it through the story before I was out.  It didn't make for a great night's sleep however because I woke up every 15 minutes throughout the night when the foghorn would ring out and I had to roll from one side to the other, which is kind of an undertaking at this stage of pregnancy, even when not sleeping in a tent.
Even without much rest it was still a fantastic trip.  Nothing is better than the combo of hanging out with my family and enjoying the beauty of this place.


We took advantage of the amazing weather and hit up the Ducks game.  As always it was and adventure.  This game was especially fun because we got to watch it with friends. 
The magic behind the camera that gave us the first two photos. 
Final Score:  Oregon 45 - Fresno 25