Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Best Hiding Place

This morning right after her bath Rocky insisted that I take a picture of her, "Right now!" I told her that she had to do something cool and this is what she came up with.

Pretty cool.

A rare moment of sisterly snuggling.

Although these two are starting to really play together, it is usually better if their limbs are kept to themselves.

The other day when Rocky was supposed to be taking a nap there was a weird sound so I ran in to find an empty bed. She is getting pretty good at hiding so I looked in all of her best spots but she was nowhere to be found. Usually she will give herself away by announcing where she is or giggling, but there was an eerie silence that made me worry that she was somewhere else in the house.

Just as my panic level was starting to rise, Brandon found a suspicious foot. She was fast asleep, napping like she should have been. She didn't even stir so we just covered her back up and tiptoed out of the room. I guess this explains why her hair always looks so frazzled when she wakes up.

Bonus Picture:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When It's Time to Change

As life changes, and time passes, sometimes we are forced to say goodbye to things we love. Brandon and I were fortunate to attend one last sealing in the Ogden temple before it is torn down and modernized. I'm sure we will love the new temple when it is finished, but the old one is taking a little piece of my heart with it.
Although some (rude) people think it looks like an alien ship, I think it is beautiful and will miss it. Especially because it was where Brandon and I started our marriage.

On a much lighter, but almost equally tragic note, it is also time to part with two other good friends..
Okay, so they are shoes, but these shoes have been so awesome.
They ran me through the marathon, training and all. I promised that after we crossed the finish line they could have a rest, but then I ran on them for another two years, which is ridiculous because most running shoes are lucky to make it through 6 months. Well, these babies have done their duty and are now headed to that big 5K in the sky where they can rest their poor soles.

Job well done.
I know this change is looong since overdue but it is a big deal for me. I like the things I have and I don't like to go out and get new ones.
Here are the replacements. I like them okay, but I probably won't be able to trust them until we spend some real quality time together, maybe like a year or two.

In bittersweet moments like this I find solace in the stable and unchanging things that make life predictable, and that would never throw a tantrum in the kids.
Well, I guess even if they are constantly changing, they still make me feel better because they are so cute.

Bonus Picture: Rocky thinks it is fun to stand on our patio and tell the people that are passing that she is going to take a picture. I think it is fun to look through the window and watch how they respond. Too bad her camera has been out of film for 10 years.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Potty Power

One day while we were in Utah I had gotten up early in the morning and was upstairs talking to my mom when Rocky came into the room. She wasn't wearing any pants or a diaper and she said, and she said it this way..."I pooped in Marci's room!" You would have thought she had just been given the Nobel prize by the enthusiasm in her voice. Then she encouraged her Oma to, "come see."
I went downstairs and it was true. There, partially on the floor and partially on Brandon's notebook was a little pile of kid scat. She raised her arms and proudly said, "Ta Dah!"
I decided that whether I was ready or not, it was time to potty train.
Her little friend, Lilly had lent her this video called Potty Power which is as effective as it is awful. It features hit songs like "Wipe Your Bottom" and "No More Diapers for Me."
While my 'big kid' was very good at singing the songs, she hadn't ventured into the actual realm of the toilet.
Well, when we got home, we got started. We are still obviously in the process but we've had a lot more success than accidents and we'll just keep trekking through.
This was a day or two ago so her chart is a lot more full now. Whenever she goes past the door she has to stop and consider her success and she'll always point out Prince Eric and Ariel and say, "He doesn't swim." I guess it really concerns her.

She isn't that great at pulling up her own undies yet. Either that or she prefers to wear them this way.

Sorry Daisy. You don't get to start until you poop in Marci's room on your own too.

Daisy's Movie Debut

Daisy's uncle, Eric, made this amazing film documenting our trip to Utah. As I'm sure you already can tell, this may be her first foray into starring in movies, but it definitely won't be her last. We are also looking forward to a long future in film and are all ready to say that we knew Eric Rigby before he was famous.

A Wedding, A Princess, and a Dancing Queen

We were excited that Brandon's Uncle chose to get married over spring break because we got to be there. David married the beautiful Betsy (really Bathsheba which is a coincidence way beyond explanation...Dave says that they have got to name their first born son Solomon).
Even though I tried to explain what a bride is Rocky was convinced that she was seeing a real-life princess.
In truth, Betsy was as beautiful as any princess in any storybook.

The granddaughters, Daisy, Cambria, Quincy and Rocky

I tried to get one with Jonah too, but by that time they were so wiggly that they got even worse than this one. Just imagine that he is in there.

Rocky was pretty disappointed when I told her that Spiers, who happened to be her prince for the evening was also a relation.

These girls danced and danced and danced. Then they took a break to stuff themselves with cupcakes and candy and danced some more.

Daisy, with her uncle Eric, who also kickstarted her movie career.

Chillaxin with Cousins

We had the best time on our trip to Utah and Rocky had a blast with her cousins. She and Ginny had a great time playing like they were puppies. Well, I guess it was more that Ginny was the puppy who would follow Rocky around barking. Rocky was thrilled because she has always wanted a dog and she has always wanted boss Ginny around. Overall I think it was a good thing because they weren't screaming.

...I have no idea.

Spring Break? Yep.

This is my sweetest little niece Quincy. While I was there I held her every chance I could get but I already miss her, and the rest of her cute family.

Rocky and Cambria busted out the dress-up clothes. This was their interpretation of how princesses should look.

Daisy proved the power of her grip by setting the record for suspended hang in the 0-14 month category.

A Random Mix

Rocky is one serious sleeper. Even though she is almost 3 she can still nap for 3 hours...either that or she will spend an hour silently tearing her room apart and climbing all the shelves to pull down the clothes in her closet. I'd rather remember the sleeping.

Another bath picture. I know it seems like I have a picture of the girls in the bath every other blog post but trust me, I'm showing restraint. Now that we have digital cameras and you can take as many pictures as you want I've taken about 5 million bath pictures. I've narrowed it down to the top 300 to put on my blog.

And I figured since it is April Fool's Day that I should put up the pictures of St. Patty's. Brandon went all out and surprised us all with breakfast.

Later on we did the whole Corned Beef and Cabbage deal, and of course, we had green Jello Jigglers.