Monday, March 6, 2017

 Recently Ike has gotten interested in the culinary arts.  He pulls up his chair so he can watch whatever cooking is happening and when it is time to taste he will run to the drawer and grab his fork.  He gets into the spices regularly and recently discovered the pepper mill which basically blew his mind.

We haven't been seeing much of Brandon lately because he has been slaving away at finishing his dissertation.  We stopped by to see him the other day so I could take a photo of his office.  To me it looks like the perfect grad student office.  Like if you were having auditions and casting the perfect room for the role you couldn't find a better match.

 Ike figured out how to get to the top bunk.  He loves getting into all of Rocky's things, but he always ends up getting caught because he can't figure out how to get down.
Little Snugglers
 Brandon figured out that there is a seldomly used classroom next to his office and now it has become a haunt for these little pajamad ghosts.  I have no idea why this small room has three huge TV screens but it makes for a perfect movie night. At least somebody is getting use out of the ridiculous expense that the U of O spent.  
Not pictured: Two huge screens on the side walls
 President's Day brought us yet another day off of school.  I generally cheer for the freedom from a regular schedule but c'mon Eugene.  Between weather and sickness it seems that a day with school is the break in our normal schedule.
 Despite my groaning, we had a lovely time hiking up Skinner Butte.  I swear, nothing heals the soul like being outside.
 It reminds me how much I like these small humans.

 To get the kids hiking without complaint I bribed them with a trip to Dizzy Dean's Donuts.
 Rocky was super excited to find a Now Hiring sign outside.  She told her dad that after all his searching she had no trouble finding him a job.  It would definitely have its perks, especially if they paid him in pastry.

Ike has gotten pretty good at hiding.  Actually, now that I think about it I haven't seen him for a couple of days.
 Jill sent a package with some super cool orange lipstick.  It is a hit.