Wednesday, June 30, 2010


As usual now that we have two kids it takes us a little bit longer to get out of the door than usual but we got to Brandon's graduation in enough time for him to jump into the procession with his cohorts. I didn't get pictures of all of them, but we grew to love the friends that we've made through his program. I am so proud of all of them.

I think that this Master's Degree is worth extra because Brandon earned it while still making time to take care of our family.

We made cupcakes to commemorate the occasion.

Rocky decided that she looked so good in her daddy's hood that she would start studying to get her own.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goldilocks and the Two Bears


Two Bears

We had a great time camping at Hill's Creek Reservoir with the Callisters and Richards.

It is so easy to lose yourself in the beauty of nature. Especially when you are with great friends and get to cook a paella on an open fire.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NCAA Track Championship

Some really rich people gave money so that us poor folks could get free tickets to the NCAA track meet. We had seats that were right at the starting line. It was a little bit hard to see who was in the lead from our vantage point, but we were right there to watch the facial expressions of the athletes as they gave their final push. It is exciting to see athletes who have worked so hard make it to this big meet. Heyward Field is a great venue but, following the traditional Eugene weather, the rain came tumbling down. We were soaked and enjoying ourselves immensely, especially Rocky.

A Couple of Extra Pictures

We went to Andrea's graduation and Rocky was super excited.

She decided that if she was going to make it to her own graduation one day that she'd better hit the books immediately.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Beach House Blast

It seems like every time we go on any kind of vacation I end up feeling a little bit un-enthusiastic about our accommodations. Generally we stay in a crappy place that was found on some kind of super-saver deal. The description on the internet when they are booked entices me to believe that I have found a hidden jewel and I always optimistically (and naively) imagine a cozy and quaint home-away-from-home. Last year in San Francisco we hit the jackpot with The Mosser, but just about every other time we've stayed somewhere there was undoubtedly a reason that the room was cheap, and it was painfully clear that you get what you pay for. I don't really mind because it makes me feel good to save the money, but it can be a little bit discouraging in that moment when you are driving up with a hopeful heart to get the first glimpse.
I only mention that feeling because I assume it may have happened to you before. When you spot your ideal vacation retreat and then you drive right past it to pull into the junky motel hidden around the corner.
When I headed to Depoe Bay for a girls night out with some of my pals a couple of weeks ago I had a similar experience...well, not really. I looked up and saw the most perfect little beach house I'd ever seen and then we pulled into the driveway. I kept looking for the ugly shack that we were destined for until I realized that we were actually going to stay in the fun spot.
We watched the sunset on the beach and played games. We hung out in the hot tub, ate snacks and laughed a lot.
I had so much fun hanging out with the ladies and they are such awesome women.

Amy, Lori, Jen, Kristin, and Tara - Angie missed being in the picture.