Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rocky's Babies

Rocky has become very specific when it comes to the names of her babies. The first name she said, Oaklee was stolen from her buddy, McCoy's baby sister. The second was Baby Jesus and the third, Horton came from the Dr. Seuss movie we borrowed from the library. I tried to get her saying them on video but she gets pretty camera shy. My favorite is when she says..."I'm not ready."

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So Much to Do So Little Time

We run a tight ship around here. Because of attending various playgroups and keeping up with the chores there is very little leisure time around this house. Rocky and Daisy are very selective with their hobbies.

Rocky of course, always a Daddy's girl tries to catch up on some reading so they will have some important comic-related conversation when he comes home from school. Usually the Eugene library keeps our comic supply ample enough that there are enough for both of them.

Daisy gets in a quick work-out. The last time we visited the doctor she told us to make sure that Daisy had enough time on the floor so that she could build her muscles. She must have taken it to heart because she is suddenly very into yoga. I mean, after all, she is a born native of Eugene.

She especially likes to hold herself in a plank because it works her core, abs, and glutes.

She then usually moves into the Baby Cobra.

This pose is one she made up herself...she calls it the rolling Beluga.

After all that working out she catches a few z's whenever she can.

They like to play, Who Wears it Best? It's the same hat but somehow it makes Rocky look like a flapper and Daisy look like a fortune teller.

Sometimes they go cruising around town to check out the hotspots on a joyride.

Whatever is going on at this house, one thing is guaranteed. It isn't ever boring.

A Craving for Nature

I started to get a claustrophobic feeling this past week and I sensed that I had been neglecting the opportunity to be one with nature. It sounds trite, but even spending a few hours in an Oregon forest seems to cleanse the soul.

The weather was beautiful and we even saw some amazingly cute river otters. The hiking we had planned turned into more of a nature walk which was fine because we found all kinds of things to keep us entertained along the way.