Monday, September 30, 2013

Brandon's First Day of School

My camera is officially dead so I had to use my phone to document Brandon's first day of 27th grade.  I especially love that he gave me the same face that Rocky made when I insisted that I take her picture.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rosy Eating an Apple

These pictures were taken about 2 hours apart but the apple is the same.  Really it is more of a prop than a snack.

The Blue Pool

 We finally got the chance to hike to the Blue Pool on the Mackenzie River and it was even bluer and more beautiful than I had imagined. 
 The hike was about 4 miles and gorgeous.
 Rocky and Daisy are getting to be pretty tough little hikers.  Rosy was just getting started and had an incident with the backpack.

In a situation like this most moms probably would help their crying baby but it was just too funny not to get out the camera.  It's not the best photo because while it may seem that I don't have a heart at all, I do, it is just two sizes too small.  But even the smallest heart at some point needs to help a tiny person whose head is trapped in an arm hole and while pausing at a moment like this for one photo is completely legitimate, stopping for two seems too mean, even for me.
 This is not a camera trick folks, it is seriously this blue.  The river goes underground for a few miles and this is the lovely moment when it seeps back out into our glorious view.  I'm not sure why it is blue but I don't want to ask.  I've seen too many movies to know that unreal colors like this usually mean a chemical spill of some sort and lead to a tragic back story for a villainous Ice Queen. 

But really, this blue is not a chemical and it is unbelievable. 

And we made it back to the car just in time to beat the rain. 

Too Young and Too Old for College Parties

On Friday we went to the annual Romance Languages back to school barbecue.  It was fun even though it was raining.  This post is not about that party.
Once we were done hanging out with his cohorts we wandered over to the all-campus welcome back party and joined about a bazillion freshman as we wandered around trying samples and picking up a bunch of free junk.  Since as a group we were both the oldest and youngest people there we got to push our way to the front of the photo booth line and pose with part of the superhero coalition of Portland. 
Every club and organization that had ever been imagined had a table throughout the EMU and almost every single one had a wheel that you could spin for a prize.  Nothing is more charming to college students than a couple of excited kids so they would all encourage Rocky and Daisy to spin the wheel.  Then, they would give me a little wink and no matter what the wheel would say they would tell the girls that they were so lucky that they had won a piece of candy.  Daisy was beside herself with glee and couldn't believe that time and time again she had spun and won candy.  Rocky was more focused on trying to hit every table so she would give me her loot and run to the next table.  Daisy would follow but do so while she shoving whole candy bars into her mouth.  When I realized how much sugar she was downing I insisted that I hold her winnings in my bag. We stayed for about an hour and then it was getting close to bedtime so we headed home to let the students party into the night. On the way home Daisy asked me, "Mom, can I sleep with my candy underneath my pillow?"

I myself was preoccupied during the whole thing watching all the Freshman.  They are just so young and are in a moment where they are just trying to decide who they are going to be for the next few years.  Part of me was a little envious of the adventures ahead of them.  But, to tell the truth, the envious part is a lot less of me than the part that feels pretty happy to have a fantastic husband and three little cuties and to be a person who loves getting a full night of sleep, boring or not.  I also am old enough that I don't even feel self-conscious to stand in front of everyone and have my photo taken with fake superheroes.  Although, for full disclosure, having kids makes that kind of thing way less dorky, right?

An Extra Big Sister

 We had an extra kid here for a few days while her mom was out of town.  Aeryn fit right in and almost the whole time she was here, so was her pal Elsa.  With five girls all together we were basically in constant dance party mode.  It was fun, but I think Brandon might need his own guy-cation to recover from all the giggling.  I told him that he'd better just get used to it because it seems we have quite a few years of giggling ahead of us.
 Rocky made her famous deviled eggs for Abbey's birthday while she waited for her sisters to get home from school.  She loves kindergarten but since it is only a couple of hours we have a lot of time in the afternoons to work on projects.   
 Rocky and Daisy were both devastated when we had to go back to being a family of five.  (Which still to me seems really big.)
They felt a little better when they remembered that she just lives across the complex and they could visit any time.
 These flowers were painted by a friend of our new neighbors.  They looked so nice until the next day when Rocky's cheek was completely swollen.  I guess that a career as a face-painting model isn't in the cards for her because she was allergic.  The good news is that Daisy still has a chance.
I'm not sure where she learned the peace sign but I guess it just comes with the territory.
 Bonus Photo:

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Dragoncita

 It is hard to believe that our baby dragon can already be a year old.
She spends most of her time sandwiched between her older sisters who completely adore her...more at times than she probably likes. 

 She loves to climb and wrestle with her dad and wants to be held all day long.  She also really, really likes to bite in a playfully cute but still painful way.  She is probably the most tan baby you've seen, at least in Eugene and people notice, every single day.  She is incredibly charming and has a funny little chuckle that she will give to those she considers legitimately funny. 
When she stays up late she gets hilarious and relishes in the moments when she can get other people to laugh. 
 When it was time to open presents she showed her dragon nature and used her teeth.

 She loved all the gifts and was kind of amazed by the fact that toys actually can be new.
 I was going to put her in a cute party dress for our little party but I figured that it was just going to get dirty anyway, besides, your first birthday is really the only one that you can legitimately wear a onesie, I wouldn't want to waste the opportunity.
 And finally the moment she has been practicing for during this entire year, using those chompers to get some carrot cake action. 

I can't believe that it has been a year already.  I have treasured this little girl from the moment she was born and I just want her to stay small forever.  Happy Birthday Rosebud!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Daisy's First Day of School

 Daisy had to walk to the bus stop for a whole year with Rocky waiting for this moment when it was her turn to go to pre-school.  Could she possibly be any cuter? 
She is under the impression that it is called "pretty school" which may be part of the reason she is so excited about going.  I asked her how it went and she couldn't wait to tell me about what they had for breakfast and lunch.  Then she said that they played a lot and that she didn't wet her pants, which I was glad to hear.

She came in completely exhausted and fell right asleep. 
She must have gotten enough rest because she just totally scared me by sneaking out of her bed, where I thought she was sleeping, and into the bathroom.  I assumed I was alone because Brandon had just taken the laundry out and I jumped about a mile high when I turned on the light and she was standing there.  She was climbing on the toilet trying to look in the mirror.  She said that she wanted to see how she looked in the lipstick that she had finished putting on. 

I love that girl.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rocky's First Day of School

 Rocky was thrilled to finally be starting kindergarten.  You can tell by her posture. 
 I know it is a complete cliche but even though I swear I wouldn't I got a little bit choked up when it was time to leave.  Mean old Marci turns into a marshmallow when it comes to her babies. 
Rocky, true to form, jumped right in without a second of hesitation. 
 She was one of the only kids who could understand the Spanish that her teacher was speaking so it was clear that right away the others were following her lead and that she would have no trouble making friends.  I was surprised that she could look so big and so small in the same moment.
After I blubbered my way home it was almost time to head back and pick her up, seriously, it takes me 15 minutes to get there and another to get home again.  I guess it was worth it though because when she walked out the door to a crowd of parents and said, "School was awesome!"  She was especially impressed by the magic spell that her teacher did at the end of the day that made it possible for her to speak English.

After school was over we took advantage of our 90 degree weather to turn our playground into a water park.  Who says the summer is over just because school is in session?
 Rosy wasn't into the water but she is practicing her begging face.  She is second only to Daisy when it comes to bumming snacks off of innocent neighbors.  I'm thinking that it is only a matter of time until she catches up to her big sister.  I swear I feed my kids.
 But really, who could ever say no to this face? 
Bonus Picture:

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Yesterday we got to run the first Hero Up Half Marathon.  My friend Sydney introduced me to this race which was held in honor of her nephew that passed away last year from brain cancer.  All the proceeds went to help victims of childhood cancer.  Of course they went with a superhero theme which was absolutely perfect.
Since it was in Tualatin we also got the bonus of sleeping over at Katrina and Taylor's adorable house in Lake Oswego.  I am frustrated that I didn't take any photos because we had so much fun hanging out with them. 
Brandon dressed like the Greatest American Hero, a reference that I don't get, but that several of the police officers that were volunteering on the course got a big kick out of.

 I was inspired by my friend Ph. Dynamite (otherwise known as Emily) to develop my own persona.  The one thing I've learned about superheroes is that they can only be great if they have a great nemesis.  This led to the birth of the Ice Queen (IQ naturally) and her horrible minions, the Icicles. 
While our alter egos are sworn enemies, Emily and I are much closer to being BFFs.  Especially because she is hilarious.

 It worked out in the end for me because the fact that I was the only villain in the race brought me the glory of the Best Villain costume.  This also came along with Best Sidekick for my minions.  I think that this is a pretty significant moment in my life because as far as I can remember it is the first time I have ever won anything. 
Most people just saw a blue blur as I went by.
 The race route was incredible and went all through Cook Park on some beautiful bike paths through forest areas and across a bridge.  I was cruising along at a good pace until about 9 miles when I slowed down quite a bit, but my crown gave me the power I needed to plow through those last few miles and cross the line with a new PR (1:51:32).
Brandon came in just a little bit after me, which is kind of amazing since he has only been training for a month.  It has been fun for us to train together and I will miss the two of us pushing the three kids in both strollers all over Eugene.

After our race Rocky ran in the kids race after.  She looked like a little gazelle, effortlessly prancing along at a rapid pace, until she slammed into a little girl who happened to be crossing the road at the wrong time.  Evelyn bounced off Rocky, who is like twice her size.  She was okay and Rocky finished the race to claim her ribbon. I talked to Evie's mom after and she said, "It's all part of the experience."  I thought it was awesome.  I need to take that motto and use it more often in my life.

I had a great time with this race and I think that it was my favorite race so far.  The family that put it on did so with class and a sincerity that brought a special spirit to the whole experience.  As a mom of young kids I spent a lot of the race thinking about how much my daughters mean to me and how grateful I am that they have been healthy.  I was inspired and touched by the whole experience.
Thanks to everyone for such a great time.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Daisy's first haircut

Daisy is lucky that her favorite friend is also a hairstylist.  Jody did a great job with the cut and Daisy has been proudly showing off her curls to anyone who will look at them.

Stay tuned for a photo of the actual haircut.  I was too busy admiring my own hair in the mirror to remember the "after" photo.  Trust me, we both look adorable.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Not Cool Daisy

This is not what nail polish is for.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


 Every couple of months I ask my girls what they want to be when they grow up.  Daisy is still pretty consistent with wanting to be a princess mermaid.  Rocky on the other hand has a new ambition.  When I asked her the other day she told me that she wants to be a stepmother.  I was confused but she explained that it is because she won't have to do her jobs anymore.  She said, "I'll have my husband and his kid will have to do all the work." Someone pointed out that she could just be a regular mom and make the kids do the work but she said that she knows that real moms still have to do jobs.  Thank you Cinderella.
Brandon reminded her that the evil stepmothers always get their comeuppance.  Rocky said that she didn't remember that part.
When I mentioned some of the stepmothers that we actually know she was less convinced that it was an easy job.
And in other news, the Ducks are back in action.  I've been to enough games that I have no reason to be shocked by the enthusiasm of this town but once again I was blown away by the crowd. 
We only stayed the first half because it was so HOT!  Who knew you could even get that hot in Eugene. 
The girls were less-than-impressed after about the first ten minutes.  They moved onto their snacks which lasted the next five minutes and then moved into a regular stream of complaints.  This is probably the first and last game they will be attending this season.  Now that they outnumber us my drive to provide a variety of life experiences is waning.  I'm thinking that from now on I should just lock them in the attic.  That is what I learned from Cinderella.