Monday, April 10, 2017

Dr. Brandon Rigby

 It was nine years in the making at the University of Oregon but Brandon successfully defended his dissertation and earned his doctorate degree.
 I was prepared for him to do a great job at the defense, but even so, I was extremely impressed.  He was brilliant.
It was surreal for me because there I was sitting in a room with my best friend, the man I share my life with but it was like I was watching a stranger.  He has SO MANY THINGS IN HIS BRAIN.  He has told me about his work and I knew he was going to try and keep things simple so I thought I would be able to at least follow the discussion.  For the first couple of minutes I didn't understand anything, and he was speaking English.  I am no genius but I'm not a dummy either, this stuff is just very complex.  He has literally spent years studying these poets and he truly is an expert.
Each member of his committee had questions to ask and they needed to kind of grill him.  I would get nervous about how he would answer and then he just smiled and gave clear and precise answers.
It was fascinating, and nerve wracking, and thrilling to watch.
I feel grateful for his advisors that worked with him and am so glad that Mike and Kathy were there to take credit for raising him.

I am just so proud of him.
He worked night and day alone in that tiny little office, sometimes fighting off an ant invasion and eating cold leftovers.  He put his whole heart into studying Spanish, poetry, and self-translation while still making time to be a fantastic husband and an incredible dad.  He doesn't like this kind of thing where all the attention is on him, but this is my blog, so I get to say what I want.  And I say, congratulations Dr. Rigby.  You have done us all proud.

Eugene Explorers

When Mike, Kathy and Indee came into town we went a bunch of places that I haven't been in a long time.  Even though we live here I rarely find myself wandering on campus or walking around town.  I don't know if it is because our days in this place might be numbered or if I am just feeling nostalgic but I am bubbling over with love for Eugene.
Campus Chicks
We had picked out a different restaurant but it was closed.  We ended up at Sizzle Pie which was hilarious and super fun.  I love that place and then we walked across the road to Voodoo Donuts and it just seemed like the perfect thing to do.

 We hit up the Natural History Museum and walked all over campus.  Things are just a whole lot more fun when grandparents and Indee are there.

 And now this is how we all feel because they left.

March Madness

 When the Ducks played in the Final Four I thought we needed some caramel popcorn to celebrate.  We watched the game and cooked and I was glad that we had because when it ended in such a close loss the sugar was a comfort.
Who wants to cook when you can read?

 Bonus Pictures.  Because Ike won't be little for long.

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Spring Break!

 Brandon had to submit his paper before spring break so that meant that we got to really party.  Yogurt Extreme is the perfect place to celebrate.
 We spent a glorious day at Silver Falls.  I only took one photo of each waterfall that we saw on our hike.








 It was a long hike, especially for Rosy but she didn't give up.  My favorite part was at the end when we were slogging through mud and Brandon led the kids in a "bear hunt".  They had just started getting grumpy and he popped them out of it.  I didn't take a picture but there was a point when they were all pretending like they were climbing a tree and I just stopped and felt all the feels.  I was surrounded by nature, with tired muscles hiking with my family just feeling as grateful as a woman could be.  

 Ike had a pretty good deal snoozing through the uphills.  When he woke up we were almost back to the parking lot and he begged to walk.  We put him down and I guess his legs were jelly because he ran for about 3 seconds and face planted.  He had a goose egg on his forehead and road rash on his nose.

Brushing teeth is the hardest job of the day.
 We took a ladies lunch and caught a flick.

 And then spent a lovely day with old friends at the Oregon Gardens.  I miss my old Spencer View buddies so much.  Just seeing them brought me joy that I hadn't realized how much I missed.

Smiling, Dancing, Cheering, and Climbing

 Another of my favorite places in Eugene has been mentioned before, The Eugene Masonic Cemetery.  I especially like to walk there on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy the peaceful feeling I get there. Daisy likes to join me and we talk about all big questions of life, like what she wants to be when she grows up and what kind of ice cream is the best.

We had to speak in church and after it was over we spotted the notes Rocky had taken.  Hilarious.
 She also drew this uplifting and spiritual drawing of a vampire.  I am not sure what the little guys on the bottom are up to but it don't look good.
 Rocky and Daisy participated in their annual Fiesta Cultural.  They had a great time as usual.  I think that the chance to perform at the Hult Center is a highlight of their year.
 They were both great little dancers.
 And Rosy and Ike were troopers during the whole 3 hours.

Just kickin' it on the piano.
 The ward had a variety show and for a month whenever Brandon had any extra time he worked with the kids on their cheerleading.  It was scary, and fun.  I was amazed at how quickly they improved.  It was a night to remember.


 It shouldn't be surprise that Rocky isn't scared of standing on her dad's hands in the air because she climbs the heck out of the tree at SV.  In the picture she looks like she is high, but the picture is deceiving.  She is way too high.
 And all the kids got sick again.  AGAIN!  This year has been the worst for sickness.
To be honest, I like it a little bit when Ike is sick because it is the only time that he will really snuggle with me.
 And then the sun actually came out!  We had a few days where the clouds parted and we soaked up as much Vitamin D as was possible.