Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The 4th Kid

 I guess when you have 3 older sisters and you get hauled around according to their schedules you sleep whenever and wherever you can.


 Once I got over the Thanksgiving food coma from eating so much we busted out our Christmas decorations.  This is the first actual Christmas tree we have ever had.  My friend Deb had an extra in her attic and these 4 kids were thrilled to put it to use.

 Daisy lost her tooth.  She is so cute I can hardly even look at her.  I just want to squeal whenever she talks.  I don't know what is going to happen if she loses the other one, it might be so cute that I actually go insane.
 And then there is Bobette Papadapoulis.  I don't know what to think about this crazy turkey.  She sits outside our sliding glass door all day and taps on the glass. Sometimes she will stretch her neck up so that she can see the cartoons that the kids are watching. She seems nice, and even though she is huge and looks terrifying she can be endearing, but she also has this way of getting way too close and looking at you with this unnerving look.  She hasn't actually hurt anyone but she has made several people scream, me included.  But, then she will be so sweet too. 
Are we friends?  I'm not sure.

Two babies playing with a turkey photo bomber

Rosy is working on taking selfies...still got a ways to go.

Creche Exhibit 2017

Sister Richey's Tea Party - How can I get an invite to this thing?

Thanksgiving 2017

 We had a lovely Thanksgiving.  It was filled with food, friends, and feeling grateful.  Our traditions start on the Eve.  We went hiking and then cooked all day.  Everyone worked together to decide on the dessert that we would make.  The kids picked Pecan Tassies.  They take a lot of work, but I figured if we all worked together it would be easy.  Right?
Yes, if by working together you mean that this girl works...
 And everyone else watches TV.

 I made the mini pies, Jell-o, turkey, stuffing, gravy and we did a fruit tray.  It was a lot of food.
After all the day before prep was done we headed off to the theater. 
Photo bombers.  I don't know if they were photo bombing us, or we were doing it to them.  I am going to say that it was us because that seems more powerful.

We LOVED Coco, just like the rest of the world. I bawled.  I have definitely turned into a crybaby.

 Even though we aren't in the student community we decided on another Spencer View Thanksgiving.  The kids consider this place traditional and I have so many good feelings whenever I am there.
Turkey hats in progress

Sassy Jell-o friends

So, so, so much food!!!

Turkey Train

 Nothing is better than a Black Friday hike with this handsome dude and 4 kids that are surprisingly cheerful.

And then finish with some yard work.  I had no idea how many leaves we would have this year but we will rake all day because it is worth it to have a yard!!