Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Daisy

We just had Daisy's 4 month appointment...only about a month late.
She is 24 inches long which puts her in the 22nd percentile and she weighs 14 lbs which is right smack in the middle of average. I guess I have been lying to everyone when I say she is so big. I guess it is because all of her weight goes right to her cheeks.

I feel bad that I don't devote more blog space to describe the love and joy that our little Daisy has brought to our home. She is such a sweet and happy girl and we just adore her.

Summer Days Driftin' Away

I can't believe so much of the summer has already flown by. I had a bunch of ideas of things that I could get done, but so far I've spent most of my free time making these crochet bags. I thought I'd make them for a few good friends, and it turned into quite an undertaking.

We also spent a lot of time just having fun and spending time with people that we love.

The Best World Cup Ever

Watching Spain win the World Cup has been extremely fun. We made a priority to be available to watch every game and things just got more and more exciting. We camped out in front of the T.V. at my parents and made my dad watch it on Unavision instead of ESPN because the Spanish speaking announcers really know how to call GOL! GOL! GOOOOOOOOOL!
The last couple of games we watched with Brandon's family crowded around the computer in the kitchen.
Brandon wore his jersey on game days so he could be one with the team. He's been looking forward to this summer since the second the last one ended four years ago. I found myself much more entertained by it all than I had anticipated. Those games are so intense and it was fun to see Brandon, who is usually pretty apathetic when it comes to sports, jump out of his seat cheering.

It was a great moment, but what do we do now? Start counting down dates until the next one. By then Daisy will be 4 and Rocky will be 6. It's hard to believe that a day so far in the future will ever come. Maybe I should focus on the Euro Cup because it is only 2 years away. I'll miss you Ramos, Xavi, Torres, Punol, Casillas, Fabregas y todos los otros.


Rocky's first word was "Cricket" because she fell in love with her grandpa's horse the first minute she saw him.
Sadly last week he moved on to that big pasture in the sky. He was a good horse and we will all miss him, especially one little curly-haired blonde and her grandpa.

Sittin' and Watchin'

South Ogden City pulled a pretty mean rug out from under us when they announced that the parade would (a) no longer go past my mom's house and (b) no longer be in the evening. We decided to go anyway and while it wasn't as good as it used to be, it was still okay. We made sure to get a spot at the beginning of the parade route because that is when everyone is still being generous with the candy. Before the thing had even started, Rocky had already eaten a bunch of Oreo cookies that were a gift from some church. It came with a note that said we should contact them if we needed anything...more cookies please! I didn't take many pictures but I did make Rocky haul out her own candy in her lion backpack. It was smart too because she had about 20 lbs. Jill also worked hard at gathering treats, but she only took the good stuff so her supply was smaller and better.

We also made it to the Layton parade. There was candy there too, but Rocky was much more interested in parade itself.

She was a little bit intimidated by the sirens.

Daisy had a good time too.


What could be more fun than playing in cool water on a hot day?
I guess when you are talking about my kids, a lot of stuff.

It would be a great time to get some love from Serena.
Or it might be a good idea for her to have a snack, whether it belonged to her own family or a random family that she decided to join with or without an invitation.

It is also a great chance to get caught up on the swings.

And, I guess, if you've already done everything else, it might be fun to actually get in the water.

Daisy was so excited about the pool that she fell asleep sitting up in the Bumbo.

Hit the Road Jack

Well, we've made one trip to Utah and back this summer. What used to take us around 13 hours with one kid now takes us about 17 with 2. The way out there was remarkable mostly because we had a record for poopy diaper stops.

On the way back the air conditioning went out and the girls basically spent the time in a heat coma.

Despite our setbacks, we really enjoy our family road trips. We hook our mp3 players to the Monster and listen to podcasts. This time the big hit was the Jeeves short stories by P.G. Wodehouse.
Of course we also make sure to bring a lot of treats, and a bunch of sandwiches. We play the radio loud and sing along to keep everyone in a good mood.
There seems to be something so old fashioned about packing the car and heading off for the ol' family vacation. This time we even stopped at the fish farm where we saw a bunch of teenagers whining that their parents always make them do such stupid things. I used to identify with the whiners, but now I feel myself wanting to make my kids have those experiences.
I don't really understand the impulse. I guess I sort of consider it a rite of passage to visit a certain number of boring visitor centers on the road to becoming an adult. Or maybe I just think that there is something kind of okay about doing uncomfortable things when you do them together as a family.
It almost made me look forward to the day when it will by my kids are the whiners...almost.
For now I'll just appreciate that Rocky was practically jumping out of her shoes at the excitement of seeing all those fish. We'll continue to participate in the trek between our two homes and if we sweat, we'll do it all together.