Saturday, June 17, 2017

SV Reunion

 Somebody tell that hoodlum to pull up his pants.

I am redeemed.  This time Ike is eating an actual vegetable.  Still it is covered in sour cream but at least some of the green is being consumed.

 Why not eat breakfast in a wagon?

 Rocky did a duathlon at her school.  She trotted along the running portion until I started yelling for her to speed up.  She looked at me so weird and asked, "Is this a race?" I thought she was scolding me until I realized that she was seriously baffled.
 Once she realized that this was a race she put her game face on and got serious.

 Ike is following Daisy's footsteps and has decided that there is no occasion that a dragon costume isn't appropriate.  Zoey that lives in the next building doesn't agree.
 We had a little SV reunion and I got to spend time with some of my old buddies.  Life just isn't the same without seeing these kids or these women every day.

 Bonus Picture:

Head Start Goodbyes

 Summer is slowly on its way here in Eugene and Head Start is done for the year.  Ike is devastated, not because he goes to class, but because he climbs on the bus every day to say hi to Lonnie.

Teacher Stormi

 And let the summer begin!  Breakfast at noon in your pjs with your homemade table...except that Rosy is fundamentally against sleeping in and this photo was taken at 7 AM.
The world is a good place when you need a shopping cart to carry all your snacks.
 These two are clearly up to something.
 Whose kid is wearing a bucket on his head at the playground?  He's mine.

A Birthday Miracle

Brandon bought the 5 gallon bucket of day old Voodoo Donuts for his birthday.  I don't know if he has ever been so happy.  He fully admits that the best part of the Voodoo buckets is that you never know if there is going to be one or not.  It is like a lottery.
It is also a lottery in that sometimes you end up with a whole bucket of penis shaped donuts but we didn't even have a single one.
We had a Memorial Day/birthday potluck breakfast in the community room.  He was surrounded by friends and food and afterward he got to have a long nap.  I don't know if I have seen him happier.

I am a lucky woman because my husband gets cooler, smarter and better looking each year.

 After the birthday festivities I took the girls and we met some friends for our traditional scavenger hunt in the Eugene Masonic Cemetery.  I never get sick of being there.
 At the end all the kids picked a prize from a table and Rosy picked a three pack of gift bags.  She didn't hesitate for a moment because she knew this was exactly what she wanted.
 And then we had a barbecue to attend that night.  I got there and I didn't really have anyone to talk to so Ike and I were kind of hiding out in the hammock.  I thought that I would take a selfie and right as I hit the button my friend Marissa came in and my happy face was caught on camera.  It isn't flattering but it is true joy.  If you look closely you can see her reflection in my shades.
Sometimes I feel bad for everyone in the world that doesn't have a friend like Marissa.  She is the kind of friend that every mom wants for her daughter.

Hiding from the Paparazzi

No pillow, no problem
 Rocky and I ran in the Girls on the Run 5k.  She has been in the club all spring and has learned all kinds of social skills while making friends and getting exercise.  She had a great time.  The goals of Girls on the Run is to encourage joyful and strong girls and in this case it has succeeded.


Sunday Night: School Night: Weekend is Over
 We did an escape room with the coolest people in the world.  It was so fun and we destroyed the record.  It was amazing how everybody jumped into action and solved all the clues.  SO MUCH FUN!
Did I mention that I love these humans?

Rogue River Paradise

 Through a lucky twist of fate and the generosity of a couple of friends I had the incredible experience of hiking the Rogue River Trail with 5 amazing women.
We spent 3 days and nights hiking 40 miles, sharing snacks, swimming, and laughing so hard my abs hurt.  Of course we solved all the worlds problems, and discussed the mysteries of life and love.  I felt strong and independent and remembered myself as an individual.  I love being Mom but sometimes it is important to be reminded that I am also Marci.
It was a microcosm of happiness and freedom and soul healing nature.  I will always love these friends and will never forget this lovely experience.