Monday, December 31, 2012

Wildcats Forever

 We had to hit our yearly Weber State game.  This year it just happened to also be the mascot game which made for good times for our little ladies. They come from a family of former mascots and were able to meet up with Stan Bird, the Coke Bear, and of course, Waldo the Wildcat.
 Rocky, Cambria, Quincy, and Daisy worked their cute magic and charmed the cheerleaders into throwing them shirts.
The two-headed WSU monster did a good job tormenting Rosy.

Old School
Two former mascots enjoying life outside of the suit.
Waldo has had an update.  He lost his big head and now looks more like the Jazz Bear.  At first I was upset because I have kind of a history with the old costume but in the end the new one completely won me over.  He was flipping all over and climbing up into the stands, which he never would have been able to do before.
In with the new
While I am feeling okay at embracing the new, there will always be a special place in my heart for the original.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Blessing Day

 On Sunday we had a special baby blessing meeting for Rosy and Carson.  It was nice that we were able to be with so much family.
 She looked adorable in the tiny dress that Rocky and Daisy also wore.  She is a little older so it was kind of a miracle that we could get her in it.
 She was blessed that she will have good health and a love for learning.  She was told that she has been given a special spirit that will bring happiness to others.  She was also told that she will have a strong testimony and be able to share it to help other people.

 Daisy wasn't feeling well and just curled up in her Oma's arms.
 Two little angels with their proud mamas.

A Bunch of Rigbys

We took advantage of the fact that all the Rigbys were in one spot for a moment and took family photos.

 I was trying to get the girls to look at the camera so I asked the onlookers to do something funny.  Rocky assumed I was talking to her.
When the brothers get together this is what happens.

 Davy isn't that much older but he looks huge compared to the Three Amigos.  They all look a little bit concerned.

These three are the cutest daddies ever.

 Rosy is already assuming the role of the Queen Bee.

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Growing Fast

 Rosy is just growing way too fast.  She is still small but strong and lively, and she is unbelievably cute.    At her 2 month appointment which we were a few weeks late for she weighed in at 10 lbs. 10 oz. which put her in the 25th percentile and at 22 inches she is long and lean.

 You can tell when she has just eaten because her belly is so full.
P.J. Party

 Brandon does such a good job juggling being a dad and a student, which is especially tricky during finals. 
 He stays up all night writing papers while the rest of us get to sleep in. 


 A couple of weeks ago we got together with a few good friends to make gingerbread houses.  As you can imagine, the Rigby girls were into this activity, including me.

 If there had been an award for the kid who crammed the most candy onto their house it would have gone to Daisy who used about 6 times the candy that the rest of the kids did. 
Rocky on the other hand only decorated half her house before her attention span ran out.  She still got her share of candy in the end by eating a bunch of Daisy's house while she was taking a nap.  Daisy will tell anyone who will listen about the injustice of it.

The kids had cute little houses that Michelle made out of graham crackers but the rest of us had the real gingerbread.  Karen shared her family tradition of melting rock candy to make stained glass windows.  We had a blast trying to keep the dads from eating the Royal icing and trying to come up with new ways to manipulate the candy.
 Nothing beats having friends that are like family. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Girl Party

Rapunzel...couldn't you tell by the hair?

 Since Brandon has been busy with finals we have been keeping busy by having a 'Girl Party' almost every day.
The girly stuff we do is paint our nails, play dress up and listen to the Tangled soundtrack.
If I get to choose it means that we bake cookies and then I tell the girls that it isn't healthy to eat more than one or two and then I go ahead and consume all the rest.  I am seriously out of control when it comes to cookies these days.  It probably has to do with my stubborn refusal to turn on the heat.  When it is cold there is nothing more irresistible than heating the house with an oven which just happens to be filled with the comforting smell of melting chocolate and butter.
We tried a different oven project on Saturday night by melting a bunch of Starlight mints and making a holiday tray out of them.  This was something that Pinterest told me was going to be an easy success.
 Our little plumber Rocky kept an eye on the process.  The directions said to let them melt for 8 minutes.  At 6 minutes it looked perfect...
... at 8 minutes it was a mess.  
 On the upside the tray, while it doesn't look so good, is in fact, a tray.  I'm not sure what to do with it now.  Maybe I can mess up a cookie recipe that I find on Pinterest and I can serve them on the tray for a double fail.
We did at least, for about 10 minutes, have a warm peppermint-y apartment, which is worth something. 
We cranked the temperature up later so that we could make homemade pizzas.  This activity includes the girls requesting all kinds of toppings only to eat them before the dough is finished rising and then making cheese pizzas to actually cook.
 Rosy was bundled up in a sweet little ball taking a long nap during the festivities.  She woke up later to be fawned over for an hour before going back to sleep.  I can't believe what a good little baby she is.  When I'm not busy consuming cookies my favorite thing to do is just to sit and snuggle this girl.  Nothing is better, except for those lucky moments when I can eat cookies AND snuggle simultaneously.
So basically a girl party is when we do all the same stuff we normally do, but with music playing.