Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hotsie Totsie

For those of you with any doubt that it has been insanely hot in student housing I submit Exhibit A.
My poor child looks like she has been out for a swim, but really she was taking a nap and is soaked in sweat. Brandon and I were just as sweaty, but its not near as cute on us.

Yesterday she tried to stay cool by stripping down to only the necessities. She later lost her veil, but kept the bling.

The news says that the heat-wave is almost over and it looks like we are going to make it.


Pam said...

The girls room upstairs is always hot in the summer time. So Kady and Lucy regularly wake up sweaty from their naps. I hope the relief comes soon. We have been unusually cool this year here in Michigan(80's).

Callie. said...

cute pictures! Yes, we are melting over here. And of course, Will is happy to have an excuse to walk around in his underwear all day. But, we all made it! Hopefully!

becky rigby said...

I like to strip down to the necessities every day! =) I love the last picture what a silly little girl. We'll see you guys soon!!!