Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Mix

These are pictures that I really liked but they didn't seem to fit anywhere else.

This is a very important work of Joan Miro, who is one of the most famous Catalan artists of all time. It is called Dona i Ocell or Woman and Bird. I've seen a lot of pictures, but I had no idea it would be so huge.

I thought that this ice cream looked beautiful, especially the blue which is called Pitufo -- the Spanish word for Smurf. I wonder how it tastes.

We took the next few pictures in Barrio Gotic or the Gothic quarter. It has all the oldest structures in the city and it makes you feel like you are walking through a mideival town.

This church was damaged by a bomb during the Civil War and they decided to leave the scars to remind everyone that war really hurts.

The Cathedral of Barcelona is under construction so we didn't get any great pictures. I did notice this sign on the door though, which basically banned 99.9% of the tourists and Spaniards that wanted to get in. Luckily it was on the honor system so everybody just ignored it and wore their skimpies in.

There is a big road that has one lane of traffic going each way and a big plaza that runs through the middle. The Ramblas is usually completely full of people and performers.
This man was dressed up as the Ronaldhino of the Ramblas. Ronaldhino is a Brazillian soccer player who used to play for Barcelona. He, unlike the street performer, is black. No problem for this guy though, he just painted his face black and nobody noticed the difference. I wonder what would happen to this guy if he tried to get a job in San Francisco.
This fountain has a sign that says that anyone who drinks from it will fall in love with Barcelona and will return someday. Brandon says he drank from it every chance he got on his mission.

This time he also filled a water bottle just to be sure. I drank too but I had already fallen for the city.

This vending machine was in the Metro station and it was the biggest I had ever seen. There were whole packages of cookies and big boxes of milk and juice. The milk always comes in boxes and doesn't have to be kept cold.

This man was a friend that still remembered Brandon as a missionary. He runs a souvenir shop by the Sagrada Familia and he always gave the missionaries a discount. He was one of the nicest people I've ever met.

We went to the Barcelona soccer game. The stadium holds 100,000 people and we barely were able to get tickets before it sold out. I've seen some pretty crazy fans in my day, but I've never seen anything like this.

This was the Barcelona airport, which concludes our tour of Spain.

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