Monday, June 3, 2013

Dinner With the Rigbys

 Brandon turned 34 and we had (surprisingly) tasty flourless chocolate cupcakes.  I was skeptical but he insisted that is what he wanted and they were really good.  We celebrated by going to see Iron Man 3, which was also really good.  It was a fun little date for us.  We all love Brandon so much.

Since the weather has been so nice we have moved outside and spend as much time as possible out there enjoying the sun and the other families that live here.  I have heard horror stories from people living in complexes like this about their neighbors but we are incredibly lucky to be surrounded by awesome friends.
 We eat almost every night outside at our kiddie table.  Brandon and I usually have our knees up to our chests as we try to cram into those tiny seats while Rosy towers above us in her high chair but we like doing things al fresco.  It provides a lot of entertainment for the other kids in the red doors because they stop by to see what we are having and I'm pretty sure it makes our immediate neighbors feel awkward every time they try to leave their house and find us all out there, but we stick with it.  I gave up on trying to be cool a long time ago.  Now we are going for the quirky but nice category. 
For those of you who don't get to drop in for dinner conversation this is what it looks like.
As you can see we keep up a pretty strict dress code for evening meals. 

 I feel sort of bad that almost every photo I have or Rosy is of her sitting in one of her seats.  Here is a different sort of look for her so you can get to know her better. 
 I probably won't do many more like that because whenever I look at that face I feel like I am also going to burst into tears.
This one is better.
 Daisy has started taking selfies. 
 Most of the other shots that she took are of random objects, think a brown banana, a rock, or an ant, but this one for some reason really spoke to me.  I like that she is a kid and has no fear about photographing from an angle that really does make her thighs look huge. 
The other day in the car she was singing that "Call me, Maybe" song, loud and proud.  Her lyrics were a little different. 
Hey, I just met you.
Here's my number
And here's my baby.

Brandon noted that she had taken a when we first met story and with a small adjustment in the wording turned it into the beginning of a sketchy babysitting job.

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Laurie said...

I think quirky but nice is the way better than cool, although you guys are cool in my book! Love Daisy's version of that song... so much better than the original. :)