Wednesday, April 1, 2015


 Phase 2 of our trip took us into the city.  We once again stayed a little outside of the city.  This makes for lower prices and great opportunity to make use of public transit.    It also meant that while Brandon headed into his conference on that first night the girls and I got to kick it in the hotel.  By the time I got them all cleaned up it was basically bedtime anyway.  The next afternoon we took the train in and met up with Brandon.   We Pike's and spent a good time at Beecher's watching them make cheese. 
 It was a testament to how much Brandon loves his little girls when he paid  $11 for a dish of macaroni and cheese.  Even he can't say no to Daisy's big eyes.  In case you wondered, it was worth every cent.
Another Awesome Photo
We walked all over to really get a feel for the different neighborhoods.  When we got to the Space Needle Rosy was having none of it.
 Taking the girls to the fountain may have constituted the most interesting and also most torturous part of the trip.   They loved watching it but after two straight days of being wet I insisted that they stay out of it.  The sun was shining but it was still a little too breezy for water play.
The next day it took me way to long to find Brandon's hotel and everyone was cranky.  Brandon tried to cheer everyone up by telling them that we were going to see a troll under a bridge.  It caught their attention but then Daisy went from being grumpy to being scared.  It took a bit for her to muster the courage to climb up but once she was there she cheered right up.  The best part is the Slug Bug he holds.

 It  was a perfect day for us to explore the parks.  I felt guilty that we weren't paying for them to see any of the museums but then realized that they were just as happy throwing rocks into the lake as they would have been looking at the Star Wars costume exhibit at the EMP.  I am not so sure about their dad.
 Rocky and Daisy set themselves up okay for their first album cover but Rosy sort of blew it with that crazy hair.
 It was a lovely place to visit and we were sad to say goodbye.

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