Saturday, March 5, 2016

Daisy is 6!

 It was a Dr. Suess birthday party for our little Daisy girl this year.  Daisy and I looked at Pinterest and  immediately disregarded 99% of the ideas because they were way too labor intensive.   We ended up with Hop on Popcorn, One Fish Two Fish Goldfish, and a variety of book themed gummy covered cupcakes. 
 Hooray for kids  who like to decorate their own cakes!!

The party was fun and crazy and I hardly took any pictures because it was just too wild.    I do know that several kids told me they ate 4 cupcakes.  A perfect success!
 Daisy had so many great friends there and it was a great way to celebrate a sweet little girl.
 Rosy helped out by smashing her head into the side of the door and ending up with a giant goose egg. 

Daisy is a kind and friendly girl.  She loves everything.   She will not pick a favorite in any category because she doesn't want to limit  herself.  For her birthday she asked for a unicorn purse, a music box, a  new dress and a Hello Kitty doll.  She is a strong  athlete and this morning she ran 4 miles with me.  She has a big imagination and loves to draw and ride her bike.  She loves wearing cute clothes, which she has plenty of thanks to the Cummings family.    Her  birthday dinner was a YUMM bowl.  She has a lot of friends and kids are naturally drawn to her.  She has a kind  disposition and a fantastic belly laugh.  She is very helpful in taking care of Ike and the two of them have a special friendship. I love her and I can't imagine what I ever would have done without her. 

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