Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It Feels Like Christmas

 The kids were out of school for a week before we left town which turns me into sort of a cruise director.  I am in charge of trying to solve all the problems and provide a variety of low-cost entertainment while doing my best to keep the ship afloat. 

We didn't have any snow this year, but it was cold.  I found a pair of really nice mittens that fit Ike perfectly and I knew that if he would just keep them on I would be able to take him for as long as I liked in the jogger. 
 The trouble wasn't that he didn't keep them on, it was that he wouldn't take them off. 
 Also, he made short work of his advent calendar.  I mistakenly thought that since there were three other kids in the kitchen that one of them would keep an eye on the little brother.  Nope.  He didn't just eat the chocolate, he destroyed it.
 Rosy still has a phobia of Santa.  When he showed up at the ward party she mysteriously disappeared.  We found her later underneath the table.  She is probably the smartest of all of us.
Daisy didn't have any qualms.  She jumped right on Santa's lap and asked for a BB8 Droid.  Rocky was over getting seconds on bacon and I don't think she, or Ike ever even noticed the man in red.

 We had a lovely reunion with my dear Spencer View friends. We laughed so much my side ached.  It is truly a gift when a friendship isn't dampened by time. 

 We play hard, and then we rest, really hard.
 I know I have shared many photos of these two in the car and you might be bored, but probably not as bored as we are of actually being in there. 
 Ike has 10 pairs of pjs but he only wants to wear these sweatpants and the shirt he wore to be Opa on Halloween. 

No Pillow, No Problem

Another Interesting Find in Eugene
 We spent a bunch of our time working on making presents and watching Christmas specials.  The girls got a taste of the high quality work of Hallmark...and they LOVED it.

 I snuck out a few times to run with my homies.  This year the winter has been so mild and so fun for trail runs.
 We had lots of time for snuggling up and reading, and also making our favorite treats.

Is it time for a bigger couch?

Christmas Tree Waffles

You know the recipe is good when your kid won't sleep without his leftovers.

Christmas Nails

Picnic in the front room

Making Christmas

Chillin' with Friends
 And the last night in Eugene we had the best time.  Everything was clean and ready to go.  We ordered pizza and had it delivered.  It was magical.  MAGICAL!
And then the ladies headed out to see The Nutcracker. 

 Then we got up in the morning and were on our way over the river and through the woods.

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