Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lots of Thanks to Give

 We had such a fun Thanksgiving with the Valverdes.  We are so lucky to have our Oregon family to celebrate with.  Rocky was especially excited to taste test the mini-pies that Andrea and Anhiel made.

 As always, Thanksgiving is a great chance to reflect on all the blessings I have.  I'm super grateful for so many things but this year I'm especially feeling lucky to have such an awesome family and the best friends.
While Rocky and I did the cooking Daisy was working on her conceptual art.  She is pretty tight-lipped about the inspiration behind this particular piece, but I think it has something to do with the intrinsic price of materialism.  I guess to know for sure we'll either have to decide the true meaning for ourselves, or wait for her to learn to talk.  She's made over a hundred other works that are similar to this one, but they unfortunately have all ended up back in the pantry...and some have been eaten.

And now I have for your reading pleasure, several random pictures that I've been collecting.  They fit together only in the fact that they are a reflection of our day-to-day entertainment.  Now that the days are rainy and the sun goes down early we all have a little bit of cabin fever which brings out the crazies in each of us.

Many of you don't know that we had a special event in our home.  Pony Ride the mouse and Mu Shu the moose were joined together in holy matrimony.  The groom looked handsome in his brown suit and the bride, as always, wore white.  Rocky insisted that they kiss and that I take a picture to document.  Now I guess we'll just wait around and see what kind of offspring they produce.
 For Family Night we made these little turkey crafts that Kathy sent.  We had a good time and got pretty creative with the foam.  We've gone to a couple of playgroups where there are crafts like this and Rocky prides herself on thinking outside the box.  Why make a turkey when you could make something like this?  Maybe she was trying to imagine what the moose/mouse baby would look like.

Brandon is such a great dad and he always thinks of creative ways to get the girls to cooperate with things that they don't want to do.  Daisy wouldn't let him brush her teeth until he let her brush his hair.  All of a sudden it became a game.  I usually just wrestle her down and pry open her mouth...which, now that I think about it, explains why Daddy is the favorite.  It's okay though because he's my favorite too.

I know I've mentioned it many times before but Daisy is a little foodie.  A bunch of the words that she says are food or food-related.  The newest word is mushroom but it isn't because she likes them.  We were eating pizza and when she would take a bite and find a mushroom she would pull it out of her mouth, hold it toward Brandon, and say mushroom over and over again until he took it from her.  She won't even let them sit on her tray, they have to be completely removed.  I know that there are a lot of anti-mushroom people so she'll probably still be able to make it in the culinary field, but this could be a big setback for her future dreams of becoming the next Jose Andres.

Rocky lately has started talking like a robot which means she will use a choppy monotone voice for everything she says.  The other day I told her that we were going to go out to play and she was so excited that she forgot and used her Rocky voice to say, "Yeah!"  Then she changed it to a robot monotone, "Yeah," and added, "Beep Boop Beep Boop," which apparently is how a robot expresses joy.  She also likes to pretend like she is a cat and sometimes she will be a robot cat, which is pretty cool.  I like it because when she is a robot she will do everything I ask.  Sometimes when she isn't listening very well I ask her if I can talk to the robot so that she will pay attention.  I hope this doesn't lead to some kind of split personality disorder.  If it does Rocky can always submit this blog to her therapist and it will probably explain a lot.
 The other day I was getting out the Christmas stuff and I was telling the girls that this was one of my very favorite things.  I like it because it is really simple.  Just as I finished saying it Daisy chucked it on the ground and it broke in half.  I was already kind of in a sour mood and I started lecturing (yelling) right away.
Me:  You need to leave my things alone.  I'm sick of having everything broken. These aren't toys.
Rocky:  Jeez Mom, she's just a baby, she doesn't even know what you are talking about.
What could I say?  She was right.  I calmed down and pulled out the super glue.  My mom says that when I pull this decoration out in a few years I'll like it even more because of the crack in the G.

Bonus Video:  This video contains nothing but Rocky and Daisy dancing which is a daily occurrence that I don't think I'll ever get sick of.  If you don't speak Spanish I'll just let you know that Brandon tells them first to dance and then later he asks Rocky to show him one of her moves.


becky rigby said...

I'm pretty sure she learned that leg drag moves from me. haha

My favorite is at 15 seconds when she takes it to the next level. So cute. Can't wait to see these moves in person.

JazznJenna said...

These were some really fun stories : ). I'm sorry to hear about your broken ornament, but glad super glue was there for the rescue. I love every picture you post of your beautiful girls--thanks for sharing them with all of us! Happy late Thanksgiving!

Michelle said...

Their dancing is hilarious! I love Rocky's moves. Maybe she can teach me sometime. Wish we could hang out and have dark night cabin fever together. Your kids could teach my kids some pretty cool things.