Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rocky Cuts Her Hair...It Could Have Been Worse

While playing with a friend Rocky thought it would be a great idea to cut her own hair.
I always wondered why some parents let their kids have mullets...this may be a clue.
She did a pretty fair job with the bangs, leaving them long enough to still look cute.  When you just glance at her it actually looks like it is a specific hair style...not just the regular chop-chop that most kids do.  Unfortunately however, it is a really crappy hair style that wasn't even cute when it was popular 25 years ago.  I'm taking her to have someone try and adjust it so it looks less white-trashy.
I get a little twist in my heart when I think of those little blond ringlets that were left behind. 
Brandon's comment was, "Good think she didn't do this until after she was Thor for Halloween."  Good thing indeed. 


Micha said...

Oooops. I probably should have mentioned the hair cut she gave Barbie on Sunday night as it may have been a premonition. The pile of hair in Aeryn's trash gave me a slight panic until I figured out where it came from. I hope the curls come back!!

Mama B said...

Oh NO NO NO NO! I got the biggest pit in my stomach when I read the title! But I guess just remember it is like a right of passage for child and parent...right?? I am sure it will happen in our house someday, yikes I don't want to think about that yet!


Mono's Moments said...

Maya had a mullet hairdo for about a year when she was 4. She really did a number on her bangs. The hairstylist showed Maya her license and asked Maya if she had one and told her only people with a license can cut hair. We laugh at the pictures now, and Maya wonders why we let her look that way. We had no choice! Love Rocky's facial expression! It's a keeper!

Laurie said...

Dan cracked up when I read him Brandon's comment. It's a good thing she's so cute... she can almost pull it off. I do like the updated version a bit better though. :)

Cara Rigby said...

That's exactly what I thought when I read this..."At least Thor's costume wasn't compromised" It looks so cute though :)