Friday, January 6, 2012

Chillin' with the G-Paws

 The girls love their Abia.  They had a lot of fun making Spritz cookies and marshmallow snowmen with her this year.  Even though she has a lot going on she always has time to spend making fun memories. 
 Rocky helped her grandpa fix the tub.  Hopefully the flooding will stop soon.

Oma and Opa took the girls to the Weber State game so they could see the Alma mater of their old mom and dad.  A special thanks goes to our favorite usher, Aunt Judy, for the good time we had.

 I know that there are always pictures like this but this is what my kids like to do with their grandparents.  I think they've read some of those books a hundred times.  I liked this picture because it shows their Christmas P.J.s which were the cutest. 

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Sharstin said...

So darling, I love your parents, and these picts are so cute. Let me know the next time you are round these parts, would love to see you!!