Thursday, January 19, 2012

Living the Dream

 Now that we've been back and settled into our happy little routine I figured I had better get back into detailing the mundane details of our lives.  I have pushed the "Next Blog" button enough times to know that all the things that happen to us are the same things that are happening to about a bazillion other housewife bloggers.  The only difference is that when we do it, it is so much more interesting...right?
For example, this is a photo of Rocky's after nap face. 
I know that she is almost 4 but this girl loves to sleep.  Usually I have to bribe her with the promise of a treat to get her to just lie down for a minute, but then once she conks out I practically have to drag her bum out from under the covers to get her to return to the living 2 hours later.  This moment will forever live on to prove that I am a super annoying mom that barges in, rips off the blankets and takes a picture.  It also demonstrates that Rocky has a pretty sweet just-woke-up face. 
 Daisy is completely enamoured with Kitty.  (She isn't as creative with names as her older sister, but I figured that it is significant that this stuffed animal was given a name considering that Daisy only says about 5 words and the other 4 are foods.)  She uses her big begging blue eyes to convince me that she needs to take it with her everywhere, which is in direct contradiction to the big Marci Rigby rule that toys are supposed to stay home.  Rocky really likes her kitty too, but mostly she just likes to be in the pictures.
 And the biggest thing to hit Eugene since the Ducks won the Rose Bowl was snow.  I almost cried with joy after having such a dry Christmas in Utah. 
 So it wasn't 15 inches, but it was enough for a snowman, and it didn't melt for at least a couple of hours. 

 At least they had the opportunity to look good in their snow clothes and slide on the ice.
 Our little Andrea got married at the Sky Camp Lodge.  She and Daniel are the cutest couple ever and it was a lot of fun to spend such a beautiful day at a gorgeous wedding.

 And then of course, there was this...

I was going to get mad because nail polish is not something that usually is allowed to go unsupervised, but in this case I thought it was so cute that I ducked behind the door and pretended I didn't see them.  I couldn't believe that Daisy was actually sitting still.  I may have blown my cover by pulling out the camera, but even if they think their mean mom has turned soft I guess it is okay because this photo was worth it, especially because of the jammies.


Laurie said...

Super cute pictures as per usual. I love the little snowman... I was the super, super mean mom, we didn't even go outside in the dusting. :(

That last picture with the nail polish is absolutely precious, I'm so glad you were able to capture it.

Michelle said...

Ah, the "mundane" seems so witty and fun when you talk about it. I wish you could move in with me.

JazznJenna said...

The photo of Daisy with Kitty is adorable. You can tell her that my family used to have a real cat named "The Kitty", so she chose a great name! : ) And, I don't know if I realized before how much she looks like her daddy, but I saw it in these pictures.

I love seeing kids having fun in the snow, and way to go on the snowman! It's like I always say--"where there's a will, there's a way!"

jillian said...

Nothing could make me more happy than Daisy loving Kitty. I hope Kitty's eyes don't fall off constantly.

tlenox said...

Your girls are so cute. Miss you guys!