Wednesday, February 22, 2012


 Brandon went to a special reception at school and apparently there was a huge tray of assorted cheeses left over.  Being the resourceful grad student that he is, he loaded up a Dixie cup full and brought then home so we could have our own cheese tasting.  Pony Ride was front and center once we mentioned cheese, which reminds me that Rocky routinely sings "The Farmer in the Dell" and improvises it to say, "The Pony Ride takes the cheese." instead of the traditional mention of a nameless mouse.
 We felt like we were livin' the fancy life with so many kinds of cheese.  Unfortunately we had no idea what variety of cheese each one was.  Some were definitely tastier than others...and smellier.
 Daisy found a lot of chances to use her favorite word, CHEESE!
These photos are unrelated, but they make me smile.

 Daisy got herself all dressed and ready to go out for a swim.  We're so proud.
 And one more thing before I have to get going with the rest of my day.  Daisy likes to just crouch down on the floor and hide.  Rocky says that she is being a turtle.
 Usually after a while we can coax her out, but it isn't easy. 


Lindsey and Isaac said...

So cute! I love the picture of Daisy in her swimsuit. :)

Cara Rigby said...

I'm so glad you put this picture up of Daisy in her swimsuit, I just realized I've been wearing my swim suit the wrong way! Love them, they are so cute.

Monster said...

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