Saturday, February 18, 2012


 I realize that some of you have probably already seen these pictures on facebook, but I wanted them preserved forever also in my blog.  The first few are from Andrea's wedding where my girls did a good job following the photographer around and posing.

 This next one was posted by Jill and shows this year's installment of my Dad's homemade Valentine cards.  Dick's Kustom Kards have chronicled the family news since the Howards became a family.
 These next three were artistic creations made by their adoring uncle Eric were a hit with all my facebook friends. 

Rocky's response to the wedding dresses:
"That's me dancing?  When was I married?  Where did we get those dresses?"

This next photo just shows what can happen when Rigby girls get a chance to pose.


Debbie said...
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Cara Rigby said...

love this post. Not nearly as much as I love you though. Miss you babe :)

Anonymous said...

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