Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

 Since we don't have any huge sombreros or fake mustaches to wear around town like the rest of the college students on Patterson we had no choice but to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant.
El Pato Verde is almost like a second home to our family and I have spent many a Tuesday and Saturday evening there wrapping burritos.  My little job working with Victor and Rosi has been more fun than work and we have appreciated how they have adopted us.
 If you haven't been there you are missing out on amazing food and the two nicest people you could ever meet.  Nestled next to campus on 13th between Patterson and Hilyard is the best place in town for delicious grilled burritos that will blow your mind. 

 I'm getting hungry just looking at the picture.
 We also hit up the music festival on campus.  Brandon did his part by cycling to power the instruments.  I didn't even take a picture of the band but they were great. 
 And Sunday night this week once again hit us hard.  It is 7:00 and both girls are completely out.  I think we are going to be in big trouble when they wake up and it is time for bed.  Right now it is a risk I am willing to take.
Where's Daisy?

Bonus pictures:
And just one more thing...Brandon and I actually went out and saw the Avengers.  Thanks to one incredibly awesome friend who watched the young'uns we were able to see it on opening day.  I'm going to admit that I got all misty-eyed several times and that I also laughed my guts out.  I find myself surprised at how delighted I am at all of these superhero movies but they are just so good.
I have been thinking a lot about it since we saw it and I really love that all the characters have different strengths.  As I go through life and meet cool people I start to think that there is a "right" way for a person to be.  For example, I think that it is right to have a perfectly clean house, or to run multiple marathons, or to make beautiful DIY crafts and that the rest of us that aren't really succeeding in those areas are just kind of failing.  As I watched the characters in the movie with their different skills it made me think that it is silly to assume that the right way to bring justice to humankind is by wielding an enchanted hammer, or that in order to correctly kick butt you would have to have an arc reactor imbedded in your chest and an iron suit to fly around in.  Sometimes what is needed is a big green monster with an incredibly explosive temper or a willowy gymnast/interrogator who does her own share of taking care of business.  There might even be a situation in which what is needed is a great leader who carries a bulletproof shield.  It is the differences in who they are that make the Avengers unstoppable. 
Okay, so I know this is a pretty big stretch, but I'm serious.  I needed comic book characters to show me that there isn't a perfect way, but a lot of great ways to be.  Not being good at everything doesn't mean failure, it just means that everybody has her own way of fighting alien armies that are trying to take over the world.
So I guess what I'm trying to say is, whatever they are, let your superpowers shine...and let go of the rest.


Laurie said...

I love your deep take on the Avengers. My question, though is if our different ways will work to fight alien armies trying to take over the world, how will they fare against zombies during the apocalypse? :D

I sure think you and your family are awesome! Love ya.

becky rigby said...

I love your deep thoughts. I do like what you've said. While I like to keep a clean house, there is no way I'll ever run a marathon or be able to cook well. Maybe we could live together, sounds like we make a perfect wife together. =)

Also, looks like the evidence from the tragic bike accident is completely healed. Good, hopefully Brando can start to feel better.

AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE both birthday cards. Can't wait to send that back to you guys for the next 4 years. ;)

Jill said...

I love your fun quirky life and your emotionally-moving take on the Avengers and I miss you!!!