Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hippie Chick Half

Lindsey, Marci, Randi, Audrey, Laurie, Janet, Michelle, and Heather
 On Saturday I had the awesome opportunity to run a half marathon with some of the greatest friends a girl could have.  I remember that way back in Young Womens they used to tell us to look for friends that encouraged us to be the best we could and I am happy to say that I've found a bunch of them here in Eugene.  I was completely inspired by the way everyone challenged themselves, whether it be through the length of the race, getting a P.R. or Laurie, running 13 miles at 8 1/2 months pregnant without even going into labor.  I was so proud of everyone and so excited to have such a beautiful day to enjoy.
I ran into Laurie and her camera at the turnaround and was cursing her out for taking a photo of me while I was walking through the water stop.  I had been trying to look cool the whole way back only to get caught slacking.   
 The course was beautiful and the atmosphere of the race was such a blast.  I hit it a little too hard the first 10 miles which made the last 3 pretty excruciating and really slow.  I swear that the mile between 12 and 13 was really 5 miles masquerading as one.  Whenever I started to think wimpy thoughts I had to remind myself of the little Hippie Chicklet that I was carrying with me and show her that her old mama can do hard things.  By the time I hit the finish my stride looked more like a stumble from the cramping in my calves but I felt great.  Officially I was at 2:19:58 and while it wasn't my fastest race ever, it was one of the best.


JazznJenna said...

I'm so jealous that you guys got to have so much fun together. What an awesome group photo--I love you guys just for being so incredibly COOL. I'm glad you had such a great day!!! Congrats on your finish and everything!

Laurie said...

Silly Marci, no one would've known you were walking in that picture. :) You did so awesome! Thank you for helping me decide way back when that we should do this race and thanks for just being you and being so cool!

tlenox said...

I'm a little behind in my blog reading, but looks like lots of exciting things happening in your life. Congratulations for doing/finishing the half marathon. I'm so impressed! And congrats on girly #3. Lots of drama, but so much fun. Is your husband as nervous about 3 girls as mine is?

Micha said...

You were awesome. You seriously rocked it! I still can't believe you crazy girls doing this pregnant!! It was an awesome day and I was really calmed by your enthusiasm. Your little Hippie Chicklet is a lucky lady to get you for a mom!