Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Perfect Fall Day

 Rosy is growing so fast.  She is the darling among darlings and has us all wrapped around her little finger.  She is a cheerful and sweet little baby and we all just adore her.  We spend our evenings sitting around on the couch just watching all the funny faces she makes and trying to guess who she will spit up on next.

During the day we have been adventuring to some of the local pumpkin patches to explore the hay-mazes and freeze our buns off.

I tried to convince Daisy to leave the saloon long enough to pick out a pumpkin.
 The fall in Eugene is so beautiful that it almost makes up for the 3 months of rain that it precedes...almost.

 Rosy wasn't all that impressed with the view. 

 I spent all of our camera battery trying to get a decent photo of both girls, but it was kind of a lost cause...if you don't count this gem.
Whenever I make a post like this one I feel like I am just one in a million Mormon mommy bloggers.  You could seriously just click the "Next Blog" button and find this exact post written by someone else with photos that they took with their professional cameras and that feature better dressed kids.
I know that the lack of originality has roots in the idea that we all need to have proof that we are good moms and that we did all kinds of fun character building activities with our kids.  Then later when they try and tell us that we are horrible moms we will have proof to show them how awesome we were. 
For that reason I am not going to include the photos of me screaming at them to put on their shoes on so that we could get ourselves out the door, and I'll skip the fact that we didn't have any dinner so I had to bribe them with overpriced candy from the farm store.  I'll also edit out all the rotten things they heard me say about the guy who parked in our apartment's assigned space because he made me park all the way on the other side of the complex and across the road.  It doesn't sound like that big of an offense until you take into account that I was trying to cajole two small children to come along while carrying a newborn and the jackets and hats that the girls refused to wear despite the fact that it was frigid outside (which also led to more screaming).  We will completely omit that Daisy was inches from being hit by a high school student driving a Jeep.  I'm also going to ignore that Rosy was crying the whole way there and that the friends we were supposed to meet never showed up.
On second thought, maybe I should include all that because it would be even more proof of how hard I tried to make it possible that they would have fun memories.  
Nah, I'd rather just remember it like this. 
And in the end, it really was.

P.S.  I'm sure you wouldn't find something like this on another blog.


Micha said...

Honestly, a blog could never capture how utterly amazing you are. Just remember all that chaos that you almost didn't write is going on behind the perfectly polished exteriors of others also. Your babies are darling and I love seeing all the cute adventures you have.

Callie. said...

Marci, you are just awesome. I think we expect way too much out of ourselves these days. You took them to a pumpkin patch amidst all that other stuff you dealt with. Mom of the YEAR! Love you and miss you.
p.s. I would gladly hold and cuddle little Rosy if I could! She is such a beautiful baby.


Jody said...

Um...I miss you guys. I know you don't live far, but I feel like I haven't seen you forever. I think you have the cutest family ever.

Laurie said...

You are the best. That is all. Oh, and I miss you like crazy.

becky rigby said...

I can't believe you took these pictures with your normal camera. They honestly look like they were professional pictures. You clearly have a good eye for photography. I'm really impressed Mars. I'm so so so excited to see you guys next month. I just can't wait for you to meet Carson. I know you'll love him. I hope him and Rosy hit it off instantly. BFFs! =)

Jill said...

I love you! (And your kids will have just as much fun remembering the "other" stuff as they will the "picture-perfect" stuff.)