Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bunk Beds

 We had to say goodbye to this little toddler bed, but it was okay because we got to say hello to the adorable new bunk beds. 
 These girls couldn't be happier with their new sleeping arrangement. 
Daisy isn't convincing anyone that she is asleep.
 Rocky assumed her role as alpha female by staking her claim on the top bunk.  I thought about pushing her off and taking it myself, but then I realized that if I had a chance to sleep I'd probably never come down.

We also had another milestone this week.  Rocky got on the Head Start bus every day this week without a single tantrum and earned our family a special activity.  I'm sure nobody is surprised that she chose a craft that was candy related.  That may make me a bad mom, but it also meant that for at least 4 mornings I wasn't joining with several parents, a bus driver, and a teacher in trying to cajole a stubborn kid to get her buns on the bus.  We are all relieved and a couple of bags of candy was a small price to pay.

 We are all enjoying Rosy and she is just completely loveable, as you can see.

She is growing so fast and is such a sweet little girl.

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