Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Fourth

 We started our holiday this year with the Running of the Mosquitoes 5k in Hooper.  Without a doubt it is my favorite race because of the people who organize and run it.  The winner gets a handmade mosquito trophy which made it all the more disappointing when I finished 2nd.  I had to console myself with a new PR (24:18).  Daisy and Rosy rode in the stroller pushed by their Oma but Rocky actually ran quite a bit.  She had to be carried by Jill for part but did find the strength to sprint across the finish line in triumph.  
 We showed up just in time to hit the parade.  Everyone was glad we were there to sit by them in our sweaty running clothes.
 Gavin brought the Captain America costume back for the Cinemark float.
 That night we went to watch fireworks.  I was worried because my girls were scared of the loud noises but their Opa came through with some ear protection that saved the day.  They weren't dorky at all.
 It was a beautiful night with great company and awesome fireworks.

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