Sunday, August 11, 2013

Martarano Reunion

When we were first married Brandon and I lived with his grandparents.  During that time I learned how much Grandma Jolley loved her extended family.  It was great spending three days getting to know them myself.  The Martaranos really know how to party.  There were tons of activities and it was a lot of fun.

 Kade and Abbey were fast friends with my girls.
Kathy and Melinda kept us laughing the whole time.

Nala and Denise

Janine and Jessica

Some kid with a killer moustache

 This photo is blurry but it made me laugh so hard.  She was okay, in case you are judging my parenting skills right now.  The shot was taken before I even realized she was falling.

It looks like Daisy takes after her mom when it comes to hogging the bed.  Rocky was shoved up against the wall but they were both sleeping soundly.

I was going to write more but I seriously underestimated my ability to actually get something done while my children were around.  They are currently standing next to me begging for snacks and poking my arms.  It isn't what I would consider an environment conducive to writing.  All in all the reunion was super fun.  We enjoyed the fact that we got to have Grandma and Hayden all to ourselves for a couple of days.  It helped too that it just happened to take place in Fruitland which is the midpoint between Ogden and Eugene.

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