Monday, August 26, 2013

The Baby Dragon

 A couple of weeks ago Daisy started referring to Rosy as the Baby Dragon.  She does it consistently and will correct us if we have the gall to try and use her actual name.  It seems hilarious to me because at this stage of her life Rosy really does seem more animal than human.  She is our little pet.
 She just sort of crawls around and eats stuff.  She'll come if you call and sometimes when she gets excited she'll bite you.  Most babies bite when they are frustrated but she does in when she is trying to play.  It used to be cute but now that she has these teeth it is kind of terrifying.

 She sure is cute though.  Just watch your shoulders.

We love our baby dragon.

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HolliJo said...

Oh that is so funny. We really miss you guys! We need to plan another trip to Eugene soon!