Saturday, January 18, 2014


 We haven't experienced the polar vortex that has been crossing the country but it has been quite chilly around Eugene, so we are doing our best to bundle up.
It takes quite a bit of cajoling to get these girls to agree on joining me for a run.  They usually end up with several sweet snacks and a favorite toy.  (Thanks again Carlene!)
 Once the candy was gone about a mile in Rosy bawled until I turned around and kept at it until about 100 feet from our apartment, when she fell fast asleep.  Oh well, at least we got out the door, right?
 If you had any questions about what Rosy thinks of me, this face should about cover it.  I thought they weren't supposed to be snarky until teenage years, but I seriously underestimated the angst in third daughters.  She learned this look from her older sisters, but she has mastered it at a much younger age.
 Brandon already has a house full of emotional girls but so far he is still able to cheer us all up.  Rocky took this picture while Daisy, Rosy and I were taking a nap.  When I found it on the camera it just made me happy.

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