Sunday, January 5, 2014

Since We've Been Home

 It hasn't taken us long to feel right at home again.  Rosy's new game is to be a burrito.  She is exceptionally good at it because she is short enough that her feet don't come out the bottom.  Now all I have to do is figure out how to get her burritoed and then keep her wrapped up long enough for me to actually get something done.  She was sick for a few days which kept her calm and snuggly, but now she is back to being a hurricane.

Are those cookies?  Brandon is finally done with his one year cookie fast and I am committed to trying all the recipes that I found on Pinterest this year.  How's that for a resolution?
It might not be that healthy but it is probably one of the few resolutions that will make it through February.
 Look at these little angels.  I prefer to remember them this way than the way they look after church.  Picture wild hair, a crazy look in the eyes, loud wailing, and the kids look even worse.
 It is official, Daisy has learned about posing.  We have had such great photos of her up until now.  This is what you can expect in the future.  She was quite insistent about the placement of her hands.
 This issue of trying to look good in pictures is what has drastically reduced the instances that Rocky's face has appeared in the blog.

She is just as beautiful as ever, it is just a little more tricky to catch it on film...that is it would be if we were still using film.  Geez, when did I get so old?  The other day I said something about a video and the girls were completely confused.  What is that?

Rosy is practicing her stage show and since she has decided to be a dancer she no longer feels that pants are necessary.  Climbing on the end table is her way of proving to her parents that nobody is going to stand in the way of her dreams.
 And here are the old people that try to keep up with these little girls.  You can tell that we are out of our league because this photo was taken on New Year's Eve at 10 o'clock right before we went to bed.
 I used to feel kind of bad about not loving the midnight countdown, but now I choose to just be happy that I found a man who feels the same way.  Aren't we adorable with our matching glasses?

I'm not sure why these two nerds are sharing one chair when there are clearly two empty ones nearby.  I guess they were just feeling the love over breakfast.  Most of the time when this type of closeness happens it ends in screams.  This time they were just having a discussion.  I heard Rocky say, "Who thinks that is a good idea?  Nobody."  Daisy responded by saying, "Yesbody." 
I never really thought of Yesbody being the opposite, but she got her point across.
 To celebrate the New Year we made some mint chip frozen yogurt.  And once again with just a few sprinkles of sugar I become a cool mom again, despite my early to bed policy.
Bring it on 2014.  We are ready.

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