Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Box of Otter Pops

 Brandon did not disappoint this year  with his   creative family costume.  Most everyone had no idea what we are but those who are savvy to the  personalities of the Otter Pops were delighted.  Unfortunately we didn't have a Little Orphan Orange.  If we had stuck to our one baby every two  years rule this wouldn't have been a costume problem but who knows what other kinds of problems that would have caused me.  
Poncho Punch

Strawberry Short Kook

Alexander the Grape

Louie  Blue Raspberry

Sir Isaac Lime
 The  Halloween  festivities  included   all  of  the  regular traditions.   We carved pumpkins and cooked dinner in one.  
 I  did make one change.    Upon inspiration from my healthy friends  instead of making sugar cookies we did healthy snacks.   The kids thought they were  awesome.

 Rosy had  a little bit of trouble making the treats  but when it came time to eat  them  she did  just fine.
 When she saw Tucker in his costume she had to put on her "Georgie".  If you see this kid coming your way, watch out!
 We did our Trick-or-Treating around Spencer View which is always an adventure.  There are so many international students that aren't prepared and they give all kinds of things.  One couple opened up a box of fancy chocolates  and let the kids take one.  I hurried to confiscate them just in case there were razor blades inside.  They were delicious.
They also ended up with candies that had foreign labels, a bunch of cough drops, some books, a couple of rocks, and a ton of candy.
The Spoils
Everyone was  thrilled with the night, especially Georgie.   She couldn't believe what was happening.   At every door she would come  back and tell me that she said thanks.   "I said thanks Mama, I said thanks Mama, I said thanks Mama." Every door.  She also  was  completely surprised every time someone  gave her something.  Usually after a door or two kids kind of get the idea but she was genuinely shocked every time someone had a basket  of candy.  Whenever there were stairs to climb Rocky and  the bigger kids would already be on the way down before she would get to the door.  I kept hoping  she would give  up but she would  not miss her chance.  No matter how long it took her to climb all those stairs.   I thought they would want to go all night but after about 45 minutes the Riglets were all pooped out and made a beeline for home.
They have already been brainstorming about costumes for next year.

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