Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pajama Time

 Daisy's favorite thing to do is  to  stay in her jammies all day.  On Fridays she doesn't have school and she and Rosy have p.j. bonding time.  I used to make them get dressed so I could go for a run but I am working through a little injury right now and can't.  It seems like a perfect opportunity for them to live it up.   Especially because it is too cold and rainy to go anywhere anyway.

They  like to play cards.  I don't really get the mechanics of the game but it keeps them relatively quiet for a few minutes.

At one of the 5ks that we did during the summer we were given a coupon for a free pizza at Track Town Pizza.  We went on a Saturday night and actually ate in the pizza parlor.  It reminded me of when I was a kid and we used to get those Book It prizes from Pizza Hut.  We didn't have a lot of money and going out to eat was  a big deal.  Luckily because of our financial situation  in grad school  we are able to provide our children with the same kind of magical experience. 

 Maybe  we will teach them how to eat in public before we try it again.

Who would use a whole couch when you can scrunch up together in the corner.  Movie Night might be my favorite moment of the whole week.
Bonus Picture:


Debbie said...

Oliver was doing that same face today that Rosy is doing in that last picture. It was hilarious because he would crack up laughing as soon as we looked at him.

Emily Gilkey Palmer said...

I see nothing wrong with wearing pajamas all day. My brother skyped me unexpectedly yesterday in the early afternoon and was surprised I was still in my pajamas. Like it matters! I work from the couch and wear elastic pants anyway! I think we should just reframe the discussion. My pajamas really are very like a business suit -- they have a collar, and button down the front and have matching pants. A polar bear business suit. It isn't all about pinstripes people.

More power to them.