Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pajama Time

 Daisy's favorite thing to do is  to  stay in her jammies all day.  On Fridays she doesn't have school and she and Rosy have p.j. bonding time.  I used to make them get dressed so I could go for a run but I am working through a little injury right now and can't.  It seems like a perfect opportunity for them to live it up.   Especially because it is too cold and rainy to go anywhere anyway.

They  like to play cards.  I don't really get the mechanics of the game but it keeps them relatively quiet for a few minutes.

At one of the 5ks that we did during the summer we were given a coupon for a free pizza at Track Town Pizza.  We went on a Saturday night and actually ate in the pizza parlor.  It reminded me of when I was a kid and we used to get those Book It prizes from Pizza Hut.  We didn't have a lot of money and going out to eat was  a big deal.  Luckily because of our financial situation  in grad school  we are able to provide our children with the same kind of magical experience. 

 Maybe  we will teach them how to eat in public before we try it again.

Who would use a whole couch when you can scrunch up together in the corner.  Movie Night might be my favorite moment of the whole week.
Bonus Picture:

A Box of Otter Pops

 Brandon did not disappoint this year  with his   creative family costume.  Most everyone had no idea what we are but those who are savvy to the  personalities of the Otter Pops were delighted.  Unfortunately we didn't have a Little Orphan Orange.  If we had stuck to our one baby every two  years rule this wouldn't have been a costume problem but who knows what other kinds of problems that would have caused me.  
Poncho Punch

Strawberry Short Kook

Alexander the Grape

Louie  Blue Raspberry

Sir Isaac Lime
 The  Halloween  festivities  included   all  of  the  regular traditions.   We carved pumpkins and cooked dinner in one.  
 I  did make one change.    Upon inspiration from my healthy friends  instead of making sugar cookies we did healthy snacks.   The kids thought they were  awesome.

 Rosy had  a little bit of trouble making the treats  but when it came time to eat  them  she did  just fine.
 When she saw Tucker in his costume she had to put on her "Georgie".  If you see this kid coming your way, watch out!
 We did our Trick-or-Treating around Spencer View which is always an adventure.  There are so many international students that aren't prepared and they give all kinds of things.  One couple opened up a box of fancy chocolates  and let the kids take one.  I hurried to confiscate them just in case there were razor blades inside.  They were delicious.
They also ended up with candies that had foreign labels, a bunch of cough drops, some books, a couple of rocks, and a ton of candy.
The Spoils
Everyone was  thrilled with the night, especially Georgie.   She couldn't believe what was happening.   At every door she would come  back and tell me that she said thanks.   "I said thanks Mama, I said thanks Mama, I said thanks Mama." Every door.  She also  was  completely surprised every time someone  gave her something.  Usually after a door or two kids kind of get the idea but she was genuinely shocked every time someone had a basket  of candy.  Whenever there were stairs to climb Rocky and  the bigger kids would already be on the way down before she would get to the door.  I kept hoping  she would give  up but she would  not miss her chance.  No matter how long it took her to climb all those stairs.   I thought they would want to go all night but after about 45 minutes the Riglets were all pooped out and made a beeline for home.
They have already been brainstorming about costumes for next year.

It Finally Fell Out

 Rocky's stubborn little tooth finally decided to fall out.  She was on the school bus heading home from a field trip to the pumpkin patch.   The bus  driver gave her a   tissue  to hold it  in until  she  got back to the school.  She was terrified that she would drop it but it made it back to the school safely.  In Mexico they don't have a tooth fairy  but instead  a  little mouse comes  and  takes your  tooth so her  teacher gave her a tiny mouse box to  hold it in.  The Ratoncito Perez held onto it safely until it could be stored safely under her pillow.  She woke up insanely early to find a dollar bill in  its  place.  This whole thing was kind of a big deal.  She was excited about the money and the rest of us were excited that we didn't have to deal with that snaggle tooth anymore.  We haven't had much relief because now the other side is loose. 

Rosy insisted that she also have a photo taken.   She isn't wearing a shirt because it was  spaghetti night, and by now  I am sure that you all know the rules at the Rigby house.  Clearly this was  before  any eating took place, otherwise her  entire face and chest would  be tomato-sauced.
 Story time  with dad is a nightly ritual.   Usually Rosy gets kicked out  before  the reading begins because she mostly just causes trouble.   This time she stayed but  as you can see,  still had to make a statement.  It looks like it might be an accident, don't believe it.
And a word of apology to my loyal reader.   I know I haven't been consistent in my documentation  of the daily life in Rigbyland.   Part  of  me  wants to blame the cold weather and the slog of our daily lives.  Part of me wants to say that  since Rocky and  Daisy spend  so much time  at  school  I have  less  to say.   The real truth is that we never  really had anything going on before and  I could still write about it.  The problem  now is that I have completely ruined my laptop.   Brandon has one that he borrows  from the school  but he has it with him  all day and has homework many nights so now most of  my business is done from  my iPod and it takes about a million years  to write  anything on the  touch screen.  I have messed up the computer  before but  this time  I really blew it.  I was trying to get the video of that marshmallow experiment to use for my lesson  on Sunday.  Instead I ended up with so much malware that I can't even  turn it on.  I have done things like this before and Brandon can always manage to save it but this may have been the final swing of the axe.  Rocky has been devastated because the Pandora on the  iPod isn't loud enough for a good dance party.  I have learned my lesson that I shouldn't be allowed within 10 feet of technology.