Sunday, January 25, 2015


 Jill made personalized  tattoos and now Rosy doesn't feel fully dressed without one.

 Just in case you weren't  sure, that is,  in fact, Opa's face on Daisy's belly.  It is important to put these on their bellies in order to make it possible for them to lift up their  shirts and  display them  to anyone including  strangers that are  willing to peek.     Having a tattoo like this on your child is a perfect ice breaker with other parents  at school, especially if you want them to assume  that you are a  weirdo.
In less happy news,  the Oregon Ducks lost the championship game.

 The food  was good though.  And  we still, of course,  love our Ducks.
Daisy couldn't  care  less about the game  because she was kickin' it  with her  old buddy Samantha  who had just given  her  this adorable handmaid  doll.   The original plan was  to send  them  to some poor kids in Africa  but somehow those  big eyes of hers convinced the doll maker that they would  be better  placed in  the  hands of  an already spoiled middle  child.  Samantha was  right  though.  Daisy has already almost loved  the stuffing out of  that thing. 

Rocky isn't represented in a photo here  because she was out in the hall  with the older girls talking about teenagery things.

Bonus Story:
This morning when Rocky finally rolled out of bed Daisy was already eating breakfast.  Rocky said, "Hey Daze, I catched some z's last night."
She paused in a way that made it  clear  she had been rehearsing this line all night and into the morning.  Daisy for her part was nonplussed.  
"What are z's?"
Sorry Rocky.  Wrong audience.

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