Sunday, January 18, 2015

Christmas Adam

 I started out the holiday taking photos and then as the time passed and family members fell one by one into the puking mess of sickness I didn't record much.  We celebrated our annual Christmas Adam as best as we could.  There were a few empty chairs at the table but this was only the beginning.
Rosy was one of the first but lucky for her she also came down with it again at the end of the holiday.
I didn't take any pictures of the gifts this year  but Kristin came through with a few of them for me.  If I am to be honest I have to admit that the gifts Brandon and I made weren't as up to snuff as usual.  I made magnets out of corks and succulents but they were all dead before we even left town.
   Brandon made some cool tennis ball suction cups that hold things
and tiny paper airplanes that came  with their own  hangars.
He also made this.

   I should have  taken more photos because even  though the  gifts we  made didn't work  out as well as we wanted, the gifts we received were incredible.  Kristin  made  me crocheted rug, and scratch off  papers for all of the girls.  They gave Brandon a game box that was made out of an old Monopoly board.  Jilly made homemade vanilla and personalized tattoos for everyone.   Also there were the P-jammies  as Rocky has been calling them.  I know somebody took a photo of all the kids in them but  I haven't tracked it down.

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