Sunday, February 28, 2016


Dance Party
 Sometimes stars will try to change clothes to hide their identity.  Unfortunately Rosy gave herself away by refusing to move without wearing her puppy purse.  The purse was originally Daisy's but had been thrown aside after being slightly torn.  A fantastic visiting teacher fixed it up and it hasn't been put down since.  It is the first accessory put on in the morning and the last taken off  at night. 
 Clearly it is hard being so famous.
 There is a daily power struggle between  the starlet and her mom.  One of them wants to go out for a run and the other doesn't agree, no matter how cute her outfit is.  Sometimes the mom loses her mind and the dad has to step in.  This problem has mostly been solved by a daily Dum Dum  bribe.  
Bonus Story:  We were at the store and Rosy found a bag of Ring Pops.  She was convinced that she NEEDS them.  When I said no her response, "I CAN'T LIVE LIKE THIS!"
Surprisingly she  managed.

That story reminds me of another.  Rosy and Ike were in the jogging stroller and at the end of our run we stopped at Safeway to grab something.  She wanted to ride in one of those car carts  (which could be the best and worst invention ever depending on the mood of the children).  I obviously couldn't push a cart and a double jogger which was, in her mind, absolutely unacceptable.   The  meltdown had begun and I was all set  to be calm.  Then unexpectedly a man came up and handed her a dollar so that she could buy a treat.   He was trying to be nice and she did eventually calm  down  but it just seemed like a horrible lesson for a child who is already much to savvy for her own good.  The best way to help would have been if he had given me the dollar so that I could get a treat.  Incidentally Ike slept  through the whole thing.

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