Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Life of Ike

 I am so worried that since Ike is the fourth child that I haven't taken as many pictures of him as the others.  I have been trying to do better at documenting his life. 
He has clearly used his legs to demonstrate exactly why the crib that we still use has been recalled. 

He LOVES hanging out in the Johnny Jump Up but he can only be in it when Rosy is engrossed in a TV show or else it becomes a terrifying and unsafe swing.  When he gets the chance he will happily coo to himself and bounce to his  heart's content.
 He has decided that he is totally down with solid foods, despite the fact that he still has no teeth.  He will gum his way through things you wouldn't  believe possible. 
 I splurged and got a new vacuum.  I thought he might be afraid of it but whenever I have it on he army crawls as fast as he can trying to keep up with it, just like a little puppy.  It  is kind of my favorite thing.

 He regularly does push ups with his dad and holds himself in downward facing dog.  He still hasn't figured out how to use his knees to crawl but he is ready to start his own Yoga studio.

 He plays outside with all his friends.
Best Picture Award

The rest of the day just goes to sucking on my cheeks and trying to bite my nose which is an activity that we both get a kick out of.

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