Saturday, April 16, 2016

Art Gallery

 I have been  saving artwork  from  Rocky and Daisy for an exhibit. 
We will start with Rocky.

Unhappy Flower

Self  Portrait
 The next few are a set.  Rocky and friend at school made their erasers into 'squiddies'.  They also created a guide book that tracked their characteristics.

Here are the real things except Pink  Squiddy Jr. was  left at school.  Also she hasn't made the guidebook  for the block people  yet.

 In Primary they talked about how Heavenly Father watches over them.  I have thought a lot about her take on this.  I noticed  God has a pretty sweet beard  but he seems to be saying "blah blah blah." The 'Yay Yay Yay Yay' implies a positive reception and God has a big smile as he looks at her.

And now onto Daisy's  work.
"Disco Party"

The Letter E
 The two of them worked  together on  this sculpture.  On St.  Patrick's Day some of their friends were making Leprechaun traps  but they thought they would rather make a hotel.  They took  special pride in  the chandelier.

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