Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Ikes Games

 Ike has become the hottest new trend in the neighborhood.  He is the favorite toy of all the kids and in return for his patience at being hauled around by people much too small to be carrying him he is rewarded with unending attention.  Lately the games are getting more and more elaborate.
It started simple  with pushing him around in a shopping cart or dressing him up like a girl.

 Then he was sent afloat in a laundry basket with Rosy.  The others took turns at being either a shark or a guard.  This game ended up with the entire floor of our apartment being covered with blankets.

 Another favorite game is when they put him in the Pack and Play outside and pretend he is a baby koala.   Rocky is his keeper  and she spends time taking notes on his behaviors.  She will announce ahead of time when the habitat will be opened and all the kids line up  for a chance to pet the koala.  She gave them each a Cheerio to feed him.

When he is  sitting in that saucer thing he becomes 'The Advisor' and they will take turns sitting in  the chair and asking him for advice. He babbles away happily and they respond like mumbles are sage wisdom.  He loves it.

 Another game that is similar is when they play Grass King.  Ike will sit in  his throne and they will pick grass and put it on his head.  Then they all bring him toys or dance or do anything they can to keep him  entertained.  I call this game free babysitting.

I am happy that the kids all love him because he really is the sweetest little boy.  I worry a little at how it will impact his future.  I hope it will encourage him to be a benevolent leader instead of a tyrant.  Only time will tell.

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