Tuesday, September 20, 2016

August in Eugene

 We spent the rest of the summer just chilling out in Eugene.  We did our free lunch at the high school, swimming lessons, and cross country camp.  We picked blackberries, rode our bikes around town, made ice cream and spent a lot of time together.  As always we had some pretty sad goodbyes, and the hardest was that Abbey, Tony and Penelope moved to DC.  Abbey has been such a great friend for so long and I already miss her so much.  The kids worked out their emotions by wrestling.

 Our apartment has been under construction for the entire summer and the thing that really makes it a drag isn't that the grass is all dead or that half of our common area is off limits, it is the port-o-potty right outside my window.
 We finally found time to use Rocky's chemistry set and you have never seen 3 more enthusiastic scientists.
 Everybody got super sick with high fevers which wasn't fun.  They all mostly survived, except Rosy,  according to her she basically died.  Luckily she is okay now but it was a rough ride, for all of us.
 Since we were all stuck inside we busted out the board games, Play-doh and every other thing we could find that would keep the peace.
 As soon as everyone was better it was back to playing outside.
 They did a lemonade stand to raise money for refugees.  I think they ended up pulling in $20.  They each drank about 12 cups of lemonade and had 47 trips to the bathroom so the fact that anyone was outside to collect money was kind of a miracle.
 I had a hard time getting anything done because I just really had to spend most of every day watching the Summer Olympics.  I mean, priorities, right?
 Laurie and I went on a run at night, on the trails and I regretted all the scary stories that I have ever read.  I felt like Anne of Green Gables running through the Haunted Woods.  Once I got used to the dark everything was okay and we had a good time.  On the way back home we saw a vampire.  I swear it is true!  Laurie says she doesn't remember seeing a vampire, but does have a recollection of running into a guy.  The only thing I can guess is that she just isn't as in tune with the world of horror and didn't recognize a creature of the night like I did.
Also we wore opposite outfits.  Lucky thing for us it was too dark for anyone to see the dorks.
 It only took me 8 years of living in Eugene to perfect my tie dying skills.

Yoga Night

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