Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Stolen and Gathered Photos From and of People I Love

The summer just flew by in a wave of joyful frolicking.  It went so fast that it seems like a blur and now all I have to help me remember how much fun we had.  Since I have an old school camera instead of a phone and I rarely have it with me I have to rely on photos that others graciously shared with me.
 Ike and Gray both celebrated their first birthdays by pulling out Grandma Jolley's Easter basket.  What could be cooler than hanging out together in the biggest basket they had ever seen?  Feliz put together the cutest photo shoot and the boys promptly got to work destroying it.
 We had a great celebration when Gavin and Claire were married.  It is always an awesome party when the Rigbys are all together.

 It was such a lovely day at the Salt Lake Temple and such a nice occasion.  I just love Claire so much and it has been amazing to see how happy she has made Gavin.
 I didn't get the photos of the kids at the reception but I am pretty sure that all three of my girls ate their weight in Dippin' Dots.

We headed to Pine Valley for the Isaacson family camp out, but didn't get their until after we stopped at Dick's Drive In.  In a summer full of fantastic moments this was one of the best.  So much greasy food eaten with people that I love so much. 

 The camping trip consisted of a visit to the local Fairy Garden, which I have been informed has been terminated, but it was fun that we got to see it before it was destroyed.
 I got to meet up with some of my high school buddies.  Between the five of us we have a whole herd of kids.
 I know we are true friends because even though it has been years since we have all been together it felt comfortable, like we had graduated yesterday.  I mean, I hope we are a little smarter, and mature, and I know we are definitely much older, but they are still true friends and I know I could count on them in a moment if I needed them.
Reunited and It Feels So Good
 We also had a blast at Lagoon.  I just love that place.

 The grandsons bonded over blocks.
 Ike is a pretty big fan of the Howard guys.

Not the best morning.

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