Sunday, December 18, 2016

From One Home to Another

 Our first Christmas tree decorated completely by the kids.  Every day I would find new things added.
 Ice Storms have taken over Eugene once again.  I didn't get many good photos but it is truly like you walked into Elsa's frozen world.
 We do our best to keep things fun when we are stuck inside.

 Daddy makes sure that we all get our exercise.

 I found this list in Rocky's room.  I hope that she takes some of her own advice, especially the one that says, 'Agree sometimes.'
 The transition between our two homes the long and lovely drive between Eugene and Ogden.  We have had such great fortune that all the times we have gone back and forth we have been safe and without trouble.  The kids are great little road trippers and we have made lots of little driving family traditions.

 If I had the ability I would make it so that we could all be transported through flu powder or beams and immediately be in one place or the other, but since that isn't an option I have to admit that I find a lot of joy in the journey.

It is especially fun when the destination is Christmas with family.  I don't know if there is anything happier than these Riglets.

Who are these jokers?
 And our first official piece of business of course is to cheer on our Wildcats.  I will never get sick of good ol' Weber State.


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