Sunday, December 18, 2016

 The Eugene Creche Exhibit is one of our favorite traditions.

Not so Angelic
 Ike doesn't go to school but that doesn't stop him from waiting with his sisters out in the cold.  They don't take the bus but on Monday mornings we outside for Brandon to bring the car after he makes his burrito delivery.
 Rocky and Daisy participated in the Las Posadas play at their school.  Rocky had a bunch of speaking parts that were all in Spanish and she worked really hard at presenting a believable performance.  They both also had a chance to ring the bells during one of the songs.  Earlier that day the school was closed because of weather and I must confess that I was less than enthusiastic about going out on such an icy night.  Once I got there and the show started I was mesmerized.  Those two darling girls of mine were the only kids I could see on that stage.  The others were great too, but my mother's heart took over and I was so proud.
 Aren't they just the cutest
 So what do you do on a day in Eugene when the roads are all closed because of ice storms?  Well, if you are a Riglet you spend three hours watching Hairspray Live. They sat quietly except for when they burst into dancing fits.  You can't stop the beat.
 The ward nativity had a lot of angels, a few naughty lambs, and the sweetest little Mary you ever saw.

A Memorable Moment
 We had the best time with some of our friends making gingerbread houses.  We have such an awesome Eugene family.  We kept our house nice all the way until the night before we left town.  Then the kids had a heyday tasting it all. Delicious!
RIP gingerbread house.  You were the best!
Don't let Ike go free.  This is what happens when I try to use the bathroom alone.  Five minutes of freedom becomes a huge job.

They opened a Wendy's in Eugene.  The lines are out the door but it is so worth it.  Just look at those smiles.

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