Friday, July 28, 2017

55 Pictures

 I am so behind on this blog and I just went through photos and accidentally uploaded all 55 to this one post.

Father's Day
Blast the Pomp and Circumstance because Dr. Rigby is ready to graduate.  At least he was once I threw a huge tantrum and insisted that he dress up in the tradition (ridiculous) regalia.  And I do have to say that despite the silliness of the gown and tam, if anyone could look good in them, it is him.
 After 9 long years as a grad student at the University of Oregon Brandon graduated.  It was definitely a bittersweet moment.  He has worked so hard, especially the last year that it is a great relief for him to finish and it is exciting to reach this goal.  It also means a lot of goodbyes to people who have supported him and our family along the way.

 Eugene played a joke on us and threw out the hottest day of the year just in time for us to sit outside the EMU and sweat our souls out.  I sat in the back with my 4 kids and Brandon's advisors' 2 kids.  We looked like a daycare and we all cheered as loud as we could when they called his name.

 He was the first one called and Ceci, his advisor hooded him.

 I couldn't be more proud of Brandon.  Before we started out on this route I had no idea how much goes into a PhD.  He worked late nights and super early mornings and he still made time to be with us.  He managed to earn an extra Masters along the way and still graduate with his cohort.  He volunteered in the community, regularly gave blood, kept up with his church callings, did laundry and dishes, covered classes for his friends, and still made it to the gym while somehow managing to have time to read to the kids in Spanish every night.  He brushed their teeth and hair, tickled, teased, hugged and taught, and made them feel like they were his most important project.  I just am so impressed with this man.  He would never tell anyone how hard he works, or how smart he is because he has an inner humility, but I want to put it down in the record of our family.
Ceci, the best advisor in the world
 It was really Rosy's turn to wear the tam, but she kept making weird faces so Daisy got another term, because, seriously, how could I not post this picture?
 And afterwards, MOD pizza for a glamorous celebration dinner.
 In truth, it wasn't at all glamorous, but it sure was fun.

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