Saturday, June 17, 2017

SV Reunion

 Somebody tell that hoodlum to pull up his pants.

I am redeemed.  This time Ike is eating an actual vegetable.  Still it is covered in sour cream but at least some of the green is being consumed.

 Why not eat breakfast in a wagon?

 Rocky did a duathlon at her school.  She trotted along the running portion until I started yelling for her to speed up.  She looked at me so weird and asked, "Is this a race?" I thought she was scolding me until I realized that she was seriously baffled.
 Once she realized that this was a race she put her game face on and got serious.

 Ike is following Daisy's footsteps and has decided that there is no occasion that a dragon costume isn't appropriate.  Zoey that lives in the next building doesn't agree.
 We had a little SV reunion and I got to spend time with some of my old buddies.  Life just isn't the same without seeing these kids or these women every day.

 Bonus Picture:

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