Thursday, March 12, 2009

P.J. I Like That, Do You Know I Do?

I've obviously been thinking a lot lately about Rocky's evening wear. Tonight as I was getting her ready for bed I found myself in deep meditation about pajamas. It struck me as very funny that we refer to them as P.J.s. I wonder who started that and if it caught on right away. It was probably like in the Robin Hood Disney cartoon, when Prince John gets a kick out of being called P.J. There is a poetry about it.

I also like to refer to them as Jammies. As you can tell that once Rocky gets into them she thinks that it is time to really jam out.


Kristin said...

Man, she's a cute baby, that little Rocky.
Joanna also loves her bedtime attire, but she calls them "PGs", probably because if she can't wear them all day, she get's into her "R" outfit which is being totally naked.
That funnel that's on the floor behind Rocky in the first picture is also a favorite plaything at our house.
Grandma picks the best toys.

Lindsey and Isaac said...

What a happy girl! I never thought about the name pj's. We call them jammies too, or pajamas...:)

Caleb and Becky Rigby said...

You bring up some very good points. I personally refer to them as my "sleeping attire" I thought everyone else did as well. :) It was so nice to talk to you the other day. I'm sure I used up all of our minutes... but it was well worth it. How did you guys celebrate 311 day?