Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How to Make Friends and Influence People

Running errands is much more fun with Rocky. Even though today at the library she made a game of trying to earn a record for most books displaced in 30 seconds, I like having her around because everyone is so friendly. People who normally ignore my presence will suddenly be all smiles when they see her and treat me like an old friend. At first I just thought that people in Eugene were all extremely happy all the time. But, I've gone out by myself and it seems like people here are as moody as everywhere else. I think the real truth is that a lot of people are very nice inside but the baby just gives them an excuse to let it out. I consider it my civic duty to take her out, you know, as a service to the world. It's not my fault that as a by-product I get to enjoy the benefits.

Bonus Pictures

She thought it was hilarious to sit like this.
She's tuckered out after all that socializing.


Laurie said...

The picture of her in the highchair is great! She is so cute.

Don't you sometimes, though, dislike how when with a baby, you are ALWAYS the center of attention...even when you don't want it or when your baby is all snotty and gross looking and you know people are thinking what a terrible parent you are taking a sick baby out in the rain? Oh wait, maybe that's just me and my gross baby...

becky rigby said...

Mars, I love her laughing picture! Did you paint her toenails? adorable!!!