Monday, October 19, 2009

A Perfect Fall Day

While Brandon was gone Rocky and I had the opportunity to go to the pumpkin patch with a few of our good friends. Brenley also happens to be an amazing photographer and she used her skills to give us these treasures. I already knew that my little girl was beautiful, but now I've got some pretty undeniable proof.

Rocky was fascinated by the petting zoo.

She got to hang out with a couple of her best buds, McCoy and Chloe.

Thanks so much Brenley!


Andrew and Michelle said...

She is beautiful! What fabulous pictures.

Denece Hall said...

Love the pictures! She's absolutely adorable. Love the blue eyes!

Lindsey and Isaac said...

Those are REALLY good pictures! Looks like a fun time.

Adam said...

those pictures are great Marci! I can't believe how old she is! Hope that you had a great b-day...we were thinking of ya. Love ya